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Hi Mozillians ,

I am a web developer.I would like to share and  learn more through this wonderful initiative .. #teachtheweb  

Hello I am Sarah Saxton from McKinney, TX. I teach RTI or Target ELAR for 7th and 8th grade and I coach cheer. I am really excited to read about this site in this month's Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy. I am always trying to incorporate more technology in the classroom to keep students motivated and engaged. Furthermore, I usually teach students that have a negative impression regarding ELAR and I aspire to change that. Please feel free to message me any great tips and I hope to take some of the online modules to catch on fast. Have an awesome Wednesday :)

Hi Mozillians ,

I am a passionate web developer and a new grad.I would like to share and  learn more through this wonderful initiative .. #teachtheweb  

Hi i am hazem   and  i am happy  to  be here with you guys ,  i am  web developer  and designer  and i like to increase my experiences and learn new things  in my fields ^_^  
and i am sure   this group will  be strong place to increase my  experiences  ^_^    

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Dear Mozillians,

I'm Altin Ukshini, a Mozilla rep from Kosovo.
My friends and I from Kosovo (Europe’s newest country), during the past year were working on creating an experimentation, coworking space - a hackerspace in Prishtina. Struggling to find funds locally and self sustain the space, we’ve joined Kickstarter to get international help.

We wouldn’t like to bother you with a long description, but as mentioned on the campaign video, Kickstarter community and YOU are our only way out to make this happen!

Please see our kickstarter campaign.

We promise you’ll enjoy the video explaining our initiative and our past work and activities.

We hope to get your support: please help us by sharing this campaign through your channels under the #PrishtinaHackerspace hashtag and/or donating to it.
By the community, for the community, every little bit counts!

Prishtina Hackerspace website:

Thank you very much in advance for your support!

Hola, soy Teresa de España y estoy investigando el nuevo modelo de educación que ofrece Mozilla webmaker. Un saludo a tod@s.

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How can I build an website

Am Elisha from Ghana.Love Mozilla please I need help with becoming a contributor

hello my name is dancan from Uganda
 and i love coding please let me be friends with you 
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