i am still new to webamaking, i didnt have proper tutoring but am very keen, is there any way i can get lessorns from the beginning?

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Here is the final I am using in one of my undergraduate classes.
EDU 106 Final

This is the document I will be using to lay out my expectations and a tutorial for the final.

Remember you have three options:
1. EdTech Portfolio (Homepage, Writing Collection, Bio, One tutorial)
2. My Portfolio (Home Page, Bio, Writing Collection, one Animation or video, and two other makes).
3. Digital Essay (A research, persuasive essay, or a  teaching piece that uses multiple modes and possibly genres).

While we will be playing in code you do not need to know how to code. I have no idea how to do any of this coding stuff.

I just find patterns. Then I copy, paste, and remix.

That is the tech fluency I want you to learn in this class: Make. Hack. Play. Learn

To be tech fluent means to be a self-programmable learner. That is the future of both our networked society and our economy. So when I hear folks say, "Online education isn't for everyone." I agree.

Online education is for the employable. Online education is for the world changers.

And I am not talking about the coding. The technology does not matter.

Those who will succeed in today's world will be able to work both collaboratively and independently on multiple projects with varying deadlines. 

Those who will succeed will not have to be taught every step of the way. They will learn by recognizing patterns. Whether it is science, poetry, music, or argumentative writing it all boils down to patterns.

Those who succeed will not have to be taught because they can self teach. If you come across a situation with an unknown can you ask the right questions in the right places,  quickly judge the usefulness and truthfulness of information and then remix this into your knowledge base?

I said the technology doesn't matter. I meant it. It is more secondary, but in the end if you had two otherwise equal candidates and one could read and write the web and the other couldn't who would you choose?

Please feel free to follow me as I create the document. I will probably have to sign off until after the kids are in bed but I am open to suggestions, especially around the creation of a rubric.

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#webmaker     #NetNeutrality    
The fight for Net Neutrality isn’t just a battle against companies trying to take over the Internet. It’s also a struggle for human rights.Here comes the teaching kit regarding how to host a Net Neutrality Maker party and teach the importance of Open web 

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Web Fundamental Session @ #Africa_City_of_Technology

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When you called the #cookie   function to get your application up and running, were you aware of the #security   and #privacy   concerns they raised ? Were you aware of where and how it was stored and how was it different from sessions?

Here's a neat and simple article to help you understand cookies better.

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Have you created a Teaching Kit or Activity? Have you remixed a learning project? Apply for your Teaching Kit Remixer badge here: https://webmaker.org/badges/teaching-kit-remixer #teachtheweb   #webmaker  

ada perasaan senang di hati bergabung dg komunitas global melalui M Webmakers ini, meski ada sedikit cemas masalah bahasa, semoga ada terjemahan di setiap halaman, terima kasih.
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