Any JavaScript Remixes to share?

Trying to find the Cerebral Palsy Network

I have recently joined Mozilla Learning Network. I am interested in hosting an event in my city to teach/mentor young kids web/computer science basics. I want to know where can I begin. Most of the resources that I am finding on mozilla teach the web are broken links. Is teach the web still active? Any help is appreciated.

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Learn how to explore the significance of learning and educational technologies in the working life and the society both now and in the future.  Join webinar: 

Hello there,
i just viewing this communauty and i like your concept i hope find someone to help.

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I wrote a post exploring some of the potentials of Mozilla Thimble. If anyone has any other links (other than this group itself), I would greatly appreciate them. Also, if anyone has any information in regards to data and privacy associated with Webmaker, I would really appreciate it. For example, the question that I often get challenged with is where data is housed? Country? Etc ...

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are you mozillian? we can do anything whatever we want in this world with one can build the internet because it is .....

Hi Mozillians ,

I am a web developer.I would like to share and  learn more through this wonderful initiative .. #teachtheweb  

Hello I am Sarah Saxton from McKinney, TX. I teach RTI or Target ELAR for 7th and 8th grade and I coach cheer. I am really excited to read about this site in this month's Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy. I am always trying to incorporate more technology in the classroom to keep students motivated and engaged. Furthermore, I usually teach students that have a negative impression regarding ELAR and I aspire to change that. Please feel free to message me any great tips and I hope to take some of the online modules to catch on fast. Have an awesome Wednesday :)
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