Any JavaScript Remixes to share?

Trying to find the Cerebral Palsy Network

I have recently joined Mozilla Learning Network. I am interested in hosting an event in my city to teach/mentor young kids web/computer science basics. I want to know where can I begin. Most of the resources that I am finding on mozilla teach the web are broken links. Is teach the web still active? Any help is appreciated.

Hi Mozillians.
I love coding i want to learn the Mozilla tools and form a Mozilla student ambassadors Club in my school.Please direct me to integrate your learning network and tips of how to get started.Thank you

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You are invited to join us this Friday at 5 for a conversation on CITIZEN SCIENCE + GAMES = ??  

We'd love to hear your ideas, theories, experiments and actions!
A conversation with Elaine Ingham, leading soil scientist joined by game theory design leaders and scientists creating at the edge of play and group discovery. We will explore ecosystem experiments, mechanics for collaborative and solo play and rigorous methods for gathering insightful data from gameplay.

GROW GAMES is hosting an ongoing GameFest series of virtual plays and events where people from around the world can contribute to our collective design and development process. We are growing Seeds the Game, a series of game and productivity tools to connect quests and ecosystem play with people of all ages. You can join us live in Vista, CA from Nov 13-15th or hop on our hangouts live!

To join anytime - post #SeedstheGame to ask questions via social media - hit us up @GrowGames or send your questions to me ahead of time @Amoration and show us what you're growing!

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Learn how to explore the significance of learning and educational technologies in the working life and the society both now and in the future.  Join webinar: 

Hello there,
i just viewing this communauty and i like your concept i hope find someone to help.

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I wrote a post exploring some of the potentials of Mozilla Thimble. If anyone has any other links (other than this group itself), I would greatly appreciate them. Also, if anyone has any information in regards to data and privacy associated with Webmaker, I would really appreciate it. For example, the question that I often get challenged with is where data is housed? Country? Etc ...

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are you mozillian? we can do anything whatever we want in this world with one can build the internet because it is .....
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