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"Love is the reason why we exist."

#GodCreatedUs #GodisLove  

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Love is like a book.
It has storyline, chapters, and pages.
But it has no end.

Love is infinite ♥

#Love #BookofLove

Hello Friends :)

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What is love for you?

#Love #????

Hi there :)

Where are your poems ?? Do you have it already guys??


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Love is a response of I to thou.

If you love someone, response, dont stay idle.
It doesnt matter who should be the one to act first.
What matter is that you love and you are loved.

#ILoveYou #Response

Hello friends :)

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Everyone is uniquely beautiful.
So, your beauty is the only one in the world.
Be proud of what you have.

Youre Beautiful :)

#PleaseRememberThis #YoureUnique  

Hi friends :)

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Good  words are better than good action that contradicts your will.
But good action that accords to your will is the best.
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