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After a turbulent flight, rough landing, and six-pack of excarnated harpies, the party is ready to dive into Icosiel’s true tomb!

(And I just realized that the image I keep using is false-advertising: it IS from the original A Gathering of Winds adventure, but I’ve changed it such that there are no longer flying suits of armor. Oh well.)

#dungeonsanddelvers #blackbook #ageofworms #frankenfourth

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I wrote an "actual play" down. Basically how I remember the first playtest of the V5 playtest "The Last Night", that I gm'ed, went.
Next to the actual play, I tried to elaborate the background of the various scenes as well as the players and STs actions.

actions and attacks in 5e. I'm confused by it all and I ran a game last year! My memory is foggy on this. In all how many ATTACKS does a character gets and how many actions? It clearly says fighters get a total of four or five by 20th level.

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Hey all,

Been looking forward to the alpha of Mutant: Mechatron for ages and now had the chance to have a look - see my short review right here! Enjoy!

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Grand Duchy 106- The Mummy Lord Defeated!

The combat between the Grey Company and the Mummy Lord continues! The Grey Company is victorious, but sometimes the price of victory is high...

Here is the latest installment of my ongoing Grand Duchy of Adventure campaign set in the #KnownWorld of #Mystara and played using #GURPS

Happy #GURPSDay everyone!

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My new campaign, inspired by some stuff I've reviewed lately, and some stuff I've watched lately.

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Sometimes we're better off not rolling dice! 

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Hey everyone. If you are looking for zombie, sci-fi or pulp themed maps, our map packs are all marked down during the Christmas in July Sale. have a look and add some flavor to your table. :)

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Question: Looking over the Battle Master, it seems that Maneuvers are nothing more then fighting styles and should just be added to the basic fighter. Also, would it really be overpowered if the fighter had more then two fighting styles? 
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