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We have some crazy cannibal cultist and we have Rydak facing his brother in scenes from un-aired sessions past.

Download Link:

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The OP is interesting in and of itself, but it also raised an interesting question. That question being; What do you do when your character is too powerful?

How is he too powerful? Under what circumstances? Are there times when he's too weak? Does he make things too easy? When he makes them too hard for the rest of the party? How can they contribute? How do you handle the jealousy that arises? The envy and contempt? How can the other players participate when one character is so much better than their's? Can you think of other questions?
I knew about the slime one. I had no idea how deep the reincarnation fantasy pit goes. (If you can read Japanese, yes, you can see these are the actual titles)

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Frozen Skies Episode 11: Of Leaders and Trailers

Last time on Adventures of the Waylander, the crew had dealt with the military court martial of ship's doctor Herbert Schilling. They had also come across an air hulk in the ocean crossing on their return back to Alyeska, managing to successfully tow the derelict airship back to port. This session saw the tying up of loose ends and making decisions that will affect the crew's future.

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Happy Weekend Sale | 50% OFF all books!
Players all around the globe, are making the switch to K&L.
Don't be left behind, The Rogue Priest expansion and campaign approaches.
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Tonight was Session #49 of our Sat. Castle Zagyg B/X D&D Labyrinth Lord World Of Greyhawk Campaign!

Thus far, the PCs have:

- made the Dark Chateau (Zagyg’s former mansion, adventure by Robert J. Kuntz) into their HQ, complete with Hobgoblin butlers.

- defeated Guigurkin, the Master Of Snakes within the Watery Caves below the manse of the Mad Arch-Mage.

- spelunked in the adjacent Spawning Grounds of the Crab Men (from Fight On!* #3 by David Bowman*), taking out Quimlin, Zagyg’s former protégée and making him into their laboratory technician in the vivimancy lab in the basement of the mansion. While befriending Methelred the drug-addled Gargoyle, who they intended to rehabilitate over time.

- defeated the Werewolf of the Little Hillwood - although his She-wolf mate lives to stalk the heroes another day!

- taken the Outer Gatehouse/Barbican of the titular Castle, defeating and gaining the allegiance of Cap’n Cooper’s Merry Men.

- taken the Castle Main (Inner) Gatehouse and routing the Gublinish Goblins there, gaining the enmity of the Great Gublin himself (a goblin folk hero who survived a lighting strike and imbues his blood kinsmen the power to manipulate electricity if they practice ancestral worship)

- within the Ruins of the Upper Precincts, they have happened upon a Goblin Market wherein they have befriended Vespero the Antiquarian, a collector and trader of esoteric and exotic wares.

- cleared out three warrens within The Mouths of Madness - a vast network of caves set into the walls of the great ravine that surrounds the bluff upon which Castle Zagyg stands: the Kobold Caves, Gnoll Caves and the Ogre known as “Big Charlie.

Now, just in time for Session #50, the Heroes have unOerthed a forgotten well that leads down to the fabled Black Reservoir and a hidden cave that functions as a portal to Barsoom - Mars, the Red Planet!

Player: When does the adventure start?

Guide: Last week.

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Hi folks. Just a heads up - my first DMs Guild adventure is on sale for $1.95 until tomorrow (Nov 10). It'll be $3.45 after that date.

DM Level Up says "as a first module, it exceeds most expectations. The writing is both captivating and near perfect, flowing from the pages in a succinct, yet engrossing fashion. The plot and history of the area are detailed while still allowing the players and DM adequate flexibility. Finally, there is an expert balance of roleplay and combat options, much of which is up to the players to decide."

You can get the adventure here:

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We have started a Forbidden Lands Campaign, using the random character generation system. Here’s a quick look at the characters we rolled and how it felt!

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Full Name : Rosy Mary
Nickname(s) : Rose
Dislikes : Popularity, Stages, and attention
Personality : shy with new ppl, calm, friendly
Club(s) : book club, art club, music club
Skill : reading, art, music
Friend(s) : MIkui
Enemy(ies): none
Occupation : idk
Bf/Gf : none
Pet(s) : cat named iris
Bio : 14 years old born in florida 9th grade
Other :none

Detailed Appearance :

Body Shape : curves but hard to see in outfits
Age : 14
Gender :female
Eye Color : brown
Hair Length : shoulders
Hair Color : brownish blond
Skin :white
Height : 5'6"
Weight : 120
Race :american

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