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Well I start to rp. Stiox gate king have find a way to go into this world,stop him.

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So who wants to RP? :P
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Yes! Comment Below.
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Greetings Community Members,

I've been working on things in the background for the group such as posts regarding forms for profiles and what not. Here is the list of things I've worked on for templates of what I want to add into the group or change.

~ Character Profile Info Post
~ Twitch Advertising Section
~ Weekly "Raid" Events Info to Come
~ Help Sections for XBox, PS4, and PC (Destiny 2 only)
~ Clan Recruitment Section(s) (Including Guidelines)
~ Lore Discussion
~ Mod Questions/Complaint Section
~ Recruitment Week
~ New Mod(s)

These are the current topics I've been working on while I've been away. If there is anything else you would like to see feel free to let me know.

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Who's excited for the full game and what will be your first character? :D
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Hello. I am new here.

Hey guys, what do you think of the Beta so far if you have played it? What's your favorite class and subclass?

Mine has to be Sentinal Titan. And the Beta is WAY better than I expected it to be with previous experience of Destiny. Major overhaul and I'm glad for it. =)

~ Destiny 1 Characters ~

NOTE: Characters will be added as I recall or as people post them from the game. Anyone playing these characters will also carry over to Destiny 2 as well.

Cayde-6 ~
Ikora ~
Zavala ~
Shaxx ~
Petra ~
Variks ~

Greetings all new members,

There are some small rules I want to go over just to keep the community as clean as possible while still being able to have fun and enjoy the discussions. Especially with Destiny 2 coming out soon on Beta. Please read all of them as I will be approving all profiles (Place your codeword ONLY in your first discussion post if you have read the rules as well) and if they do not have the code word they will not be approved profile wise until you have it in your post and it won't be listed. You'll have to find it.

~ Golden Rules ~
1. Please refrain from bashing, if it's clearly in friendly fun then it's fine.

2. Constructive criticism is key.

3. Questionable post or comment? Tag a moderator.

4. Keep posts to their designated area to RP in.

5. When finding a partner or posting open ended RP's, put down what you are looking for in a partner(s).

6. If you wish to play as characters from Destiny 1 then feel free to mark as such in the profile page. If more than one arises at once I will do a character test in private with both and see who suits the role best. Good luck!

7. Let's all remember that Destiny 2 will be releasing 9/6 and Beta is opening soon as well.

8. If you read it all you'll have noticed that bold text. If you read this then you'll know that older comment is the code word for your profiles and if your first time in discussions I want your to put it somewhere in your post.

I hope all of you do well and follow the rules. I'll be here more frequently and I will be keeping an eye on the posts. As numbers grow I will put out more information in the community updates as well where you can comment on the moderator post and help make the community just a tad better. Watch for those moderator applications in the updates as well. I'll post more information when that time comes around.

Until then, have fun everyone!
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~ Community Section Update ~

July 17, 2017
~ I've decided to add a Grimiore Discussion Section for any lore nerds out there like me who have read all of them.

~ I've also added a Clan Advertising section. Only make ONE post for your clan. No "bump" comments within that section.

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