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No cussing
No fighting without permission from other roleplayers
Follow profile format
Respect others
No extreme powers or other elements
No power roping or OP characters
Character must be approved by an owner or moderator before roleplaying
Put things in the right category (ex. WindClan roleplays in WindClan Territory)

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Roleplay anyone?

Velika, Clawmoon, and Shardas were hunting in LightningClan territory, alone.

Open to +Dragon Hunter108

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+Thranduil the Elvenking
I was flying above a frozen tundra, hunting

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I was flying towards a cave where Oceanwind wanted to show me something. I had no idea what it was that she wanted to show me. She told me that I would be able to see her glowing scales if I looked. Sure enough, I could see her glowing scales in the distance and dove down towards her.

Oceanwind: thanks for coming

Hunter: no problem, so what's in the cave?

Oceanwind: I'll show you, follow me

I followed her into the cave, she lit her scales so that we could see. I could see a light and walked towards it. My pupils widened at the sight of many gems and crystals

Oceanwind: cool right?

Hunter: yes, yes it is

we explored the glowing cave, there were diamond, emeralds, amethyst all the gems and crystals you could think of
((Open Rp to All))
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Roleplay Anyone?

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Name: Aldrog (Literally Destroyer-Lord, in the Skyrim dragon language))
Gender: Male
Age: 85 years
Species: Fire Wing
Clan: Dark clan
Mate: N/A
Elements: Fire
Personality: Cold, wise, calm due to his age, but destructive and deadly if provoked.
Likes: Teaching young dragons, being respected
Dislikes: Humans, whoever stands against to him

Bio: One of the oldest dragons, he's a wise wyvern, known by almost everyone and feared by most of the humans. He was born long time ago, his family was killed due to their attacks to cities. He soon started to train, and attacked one of the biggest cities from the territories. Humans attacked him, but his scales were extremely hard. Soon, the whole city was on fire. His attacks continued, and even now, 85 years after, people run with just hearing his roar.
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I was flying above the frozen tundra with Blizzard. We were trying to avoid a snowstorm that Blizzard spotted from many miles away. The snowstorm came faster then we had anticipated and we were caught right in the middle of it. We had a hard time  flying, I mostly had a hard time because I wasn`t built for this weather. I went on for a few wing beats longer before I had no strength left in me and plumet to the ground. Blizzard dove after me
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