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i have explained the categories so you guys don't have any problem posting here..hope ya all enjoy!!

Discussion - only of use for owners and moderators affcource to discuss stuff !

Choir Videos - all nightcores ,nightstep and nightbeats.

Anime Choir Videos - all nightcores ,nightstep and nightbeats of anime songs.

Idols – covers or acoustic versions and album songs

English Songs – tittle is enough to explain .

K-pop - South Korean pop music covering a range of styles including dance-pop, pop ballad, electropop, R&B, and hip-hop music .

Vocaloids - VOCALOID is a voice synthesis technology and software it is used to model a human singing voice so in short share yoy fav vocaloid songs here in this category.

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) - electronic music including techno, house, trance, drum and bass, dubstep, Jersey club, and their respective subgenres.

Bollywood - Songs in Bollywood movies .

Anime Ost - Theme music composed for anime live action films or anime.

Trap songs - instrumental bass drop with lyrical content and vocal themes.

Random remix - just some sweet..rock..random..remixs!!

Dance tutorials - dance patterns, dance figures, dance movements, dance variations, Dance moves or dance steps which anyone can learn easily!!

Concerts – live music or dance performance.

Dance and music performances - performances done by idols (you).

TOP N's - top lists!!

Images/ Fanarts – pics , photos related to music and dance only.

musical words - ya guys can post lyrics or fan made pics in this categ..

Ya guys just need to mention the name of the song and its artist

Playlists – your music collection!

Others – recommendations ,suggestions or in case of any confusion ask here!


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its been years
since i found this song
i actually forgot about it
but the important thing is that its here now

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hi to all, here a top selection of the best EDM, early electronic, synthwave and mixed beautiful electronic music produced in 2017 - Enjoy it!

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Isnt this just too fab

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Indeed a really beautiful song!!
This song is soo touching. Even after 4 years GD still has his magic!~

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Hey...ppl...i know technically i am the owner...nd i have been away from this place...for a lot of reasons...but thats a different story....also to compansate my absence...i might give you full music behold...and prepare listen some of the songs...from my playlist...which i am so sure that u ppl gonna love them!!

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I think...i gotta thing..for.....trap...these it got me...but it got me big...and...the best thing i don't see any escape route!!

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This is my!! I cant get bored listening to this amazing...trap song...tottaly loved it!! The gives...!!

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this song is for the next time you go out to conquer the holy lands, destroy the infidels, find satan sitting next to hitler, challenge both of them to a duel and defeat them simultaneously, learn the seven arts of war and defeat the Mongolians single handedly with a bird for a butler so you choose
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