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Un tutoriel bien fait :)
(in French, merci Fury Jin)

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I've published in my soundcloud account, the demo songs of Psycle 1.12 (the two sampulse ones and the lua one), several other demos or startups (including the Mixerdemo of Psycle 1.8.5), and also my most interesting songs.  Here's the link:

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I've made another demo track for Sampulse, this time with old samples and a bit in the idea of last part of the 90's.  The samples aren't great, but the song is funny anyway.
Here's the link to listen to it in soundcloud, and here there is the psy file: I'm preparing for releasing 1.11 beta 3 this weekend. Stay tuned!

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The third iteration of the 1.11/1.12 version is ready for download.

This one includes mostly usability improvements and improved sample format support, as well as several fixes to previous beta bugs.
It also adds a new skin feature to allow showing the pattern track names in a skinned form.
Take a look at the whatsnew.txt file for more information.

The 32bit and 64bit installers are available in the files section of sourceforge.

This beta can be considered a release candidate.

Btw, don't forget to check the demo song!  ( .psy available here: http:// )

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Here is a song I did long ago in psycle tracker with my singing. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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Psycle 1.11.2 (beta) has been released.

It contains several bug fixes over the previous beta, so it is a recommended update to those that have downloaded it, and is recommended also for everyone to try the new features.

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Psycle 1.11.1 (beta) has been released. You can download it from sourceforge.
The main changes are Sampulse and the Lua host, as well as a new skin and icon.

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Hello to all g+ psyclers out there.

I've updated Psyclelogics skin (final). To see latest changes and some sample screenshots, please click on the following link.

We've just opened this community where Psycle users can talk and help each other with tips and other info related to Psycle.
As such, we welcome everyone and hope that you enjoy the community as well as Psycle.
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