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Akame ga Kill! - Gen.Esdeath's Imperial Arms
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Name: Firu
Sex: Male
Height: 165 cm (5'5")
Age: Teens
Blood type: B
Eye color: Orange
Hair Color: Dark blond
Hair Style: Curtained
Faction: Night Raid (formerly)


Full name: The Diamond Flame Sword: Ogienterza
Type: Red Diamond Katana
-Fire Attacks and Manipulation
Trump Card: Fire of Eternal Youth: living thing to Revive (uniquely)


Full name: The Skeleton Man: Reaper
Type: Bone Ring
-transformation to a skeleton
-immortality (in skeleton form)
-Head and Limb Reattachment (in skeleton form)
Trump Card: Death Breath

Anyone still here.

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Name: Yuki

Age: 19

Alliance: Night Raid

Weapons: Hidden Blade, Ragnorok (Teigu)

Trump Card: Teravolt Shock. When slammed against the ground while Teravolt Shock is active, any persons, animals, or things will become electrocuted at a high voltage level, frying them from the inside and killing them. The wielder is unaffected as the weapon chooses to protect the wielder.

Teigu: Ragnorok. Ragnorok is a pair of large, hand held spikes that when slammed against the ground cause a miniature earthquake that, depending on who is in the blast radius, could sustain minor injuries at the minimum and death at the maximum.

Likes: Quiet, Cuddling,

Dislikes: Being yelled at, people

Strengths: Quick witted, strong

Weaknesses: Anti-social, mercenary type (She doesn't value her comrades as she should, she gets the job done and gets paid; like a real assassin.)

Hair Color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Height: 5'4

Bio: She came to the Capitol looking for money for her poor, impoverished family. She took a job from the empire and during that job came up against Night Raid. While she was able to hold her own for a relatively longer time than most, she was beaten. Night Raids leader Najenda offered her a job and mentioned pay far greater than the empires. She promptly joined Night Raid and works with them currently.
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Quote: the strong live and the weak get weeded out

Name: Esdeath Partas

Nickname: ice queen

Pet: she has a pet dragon named midnight

Occupation: Leader of the Jaeger's general if the imperial capital

Age: 19

Gender: female

Bio: when she was a kid she was killing S class danger beasts and carving out there intestines too get rare jewels that are used too make legendary weapons as she lived on her father's quote: "if your weak you die if your strong you live" but her village was attacked at a light night killing her whole villages population except for her as she killed all the attackers alone, she now searches for strong opponents that can face her, which is why she is here

Likes: she likes torturing people and researching new torture methods, and fighting

Dislikes: having no one too fight

Weapon: She has a rapier and that's it

Grade:10th grade

Birthday: Unknown

Species: Human with demon blood flowing through her vains

Height: 170cm (5'7")


Esdeath is a tall, beautiful and slender woman with long light blue hair and blue eyes. She wears a General's apparel with long sleeves, a blue scarf on her neck, and high-heeled boots. She also has a tattoo on her chest


Esdeath is a sadist who lacks empathy for people of whom she deems weak, since she lives by her father's philosophy ("The strong survive and the weak die"). She enjoys putting her enemies through great pain, both physically and emotionally. She has no qualms about killing innocent people to get what she wants, and rationalizes her behavior with her father's old creed. Esdeath is known to treat her subordinates well, letting them do as they please, which in turn inspires their intense loyalty and devotion; this makes her followers the strongest offensive force of the Empire.

Esdeath loves to fight and holds special respect for strong opponents,



Full nameDemon God Manifestation: Demon's Extract


It has been proven too to be the strongest of all the Teigu. Its physical form is a chalice of blood, and once it is consumed, a tattoo appears on the user's body. The amount of blood that the user drinks determines the user's level of power. This Teigu cannot be removed once applied, and it also has a dangerous side effect: causing the user to hear dark voices that drive them mad if they do not possess a strong will. The user is able to summon and manipulate ice even without a nearby water source.

Esdeath uses the Teigu to perform feats such as freezing an entire lake in an instant in order to use the frozen surface as a makeshift bridge to cross over. However, after using her powers to this extent, she requires time to rest before using them once again. She is also able to create large pillars of ice to throw at enemies with devastating results. 

After the extermination of Wild Hunt, Esdeath created some new techniques. One of them is revealed to the ability to flight. After creating ice around her wrists and ankles, she manipulates them to float with her own body.


Weissschnabel (literally meaning "White Mouth"): The user creates several icicles from thin air and fires them at the user's target by a simple hand gesture.

Grauhorn (literally meaning "Grey Horn"): The user creates a giant horn of ice from thin air to pierce their target.

Hagelsprung (literally meaning "Hail Pounce"): The user creates a giant pillar of ice which looks like a piece of gigantic hail and throws it at their opponent to smash them.

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Name: Zero
  Height: 5'7
  Weight: 134lbs
 Age: 17
 Blood type: AB
 Eye color:blue
 Hair Color: yellow
 Hair Length: to feet
appearance: (2nd pic)
  Teigu:  (1st pic)
 Full name: Kōri no ha
 Type: Armor
 Faction: Night Raid
 User(s): Zero Father (dead)
 Abilities: can track peoples whereabouts by flying past the the clouds
 Trump Card: Absolute Blade (when using it the attacks from the claw seals anything it touches in a block of ice but other Teigus)
 How it appears: 3rd pic
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[Name]: Asen Mahawa
[Alias]: Necromancer/Genius Medic
[Age]: 18
[Gender]: Male
[Race]: Human
[Nationality]: Capital
(Look in the pics.)
[Blood type]: O+
[Hair color]: Jet Black
[Height]: 5'3"
[Weight]: 163
[Mental illnesses/condition]: Healthy
[Physical condition]: Healthy
Can't recall due to amnesia.
Asen is like a hermit who keeps to himself unless he either has business with someone or is paired up with someone in his team. He doesn't usually see humans for who they are, he just sees their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Basically he's more of a analyzing type almost like a scientist would. In fact he also has a usual calm expression even when it means to kill something. Almost like Esdeath as reference. However despite his scientific and experimental mind set, deep down he cares about the bonds that he forges with someone.
[Likes]: Experiments, Solitude, Girls, Loyalty
[Dislikes]: Disobedience, Disloyalty, Rudeness, Ignorance, Arrogance
[Hobbies]: Experiments, Perform (Harp)
[Affiliation]: Jaegar
[Rank]: Member
[Status]: Alive
[Sexual orientation]: Straight
[Alignment]: Neutral
Edo Tensei (Reanimation Glyph)
Before anybody says anything about this, no this Teigu CANNOT bring someone back to life. This Teigu can only use a body that no longer has any life for Asen's own personal use. If you want you can even use Kurome's ability as reference except her's is her sword. The reanimated bodies cannot feel pain or any emotions because there isn't a soul or mind inside them. Therefore they are relentless and will keep getting back up unless its user is knocked out or dead. Or if the user calls off the attack. The bodies also retains all of their abilities and Teigu if the body still has it on them. Unfortunately, the bodies can't get any stronger for their prowess is set in stone once they die.

Now I'm sure you're wondering how I reanimate dead bodies, well that's going to be explained right about now. As you can see Asen's body has these weird red tattoos on his arms, abdomen, and both cheeks of his face. These are actually the marks of his Teigu, and thus grants him his powers. What he does is that he puts a glyph on the dead body in a secluded spot for yes the glyph can break its just very hard to do so. However the user can also rig the glyph to either explode in a raging blast of flames, or even release poison gas thats meant to knock out the opponents around them and after a while of being in it without protection kills them too. This only happens if the glyph is forcibly removed such as being destroyed by a tremendous force of some kind. This glyph will have the body get up to serve him and him only. The recorded amount of bodies that he can have reanimated is up to seven, which is plenty enough to form into two separate teams.

Here's the side effect on having this Teigu, his body heals a lot faster than any normal human could hope to accomplish. No he's not immortal for he can still be killed, he's pretty much like Wolverine from X Men. He heals about that fast, his organs would take a while though to heal. If his heart is damaged, it'll be healed within three days unless its been shred to pieces. As a little bonus, he is also highly resistant to most diseases as well as poisons. However he's not immune to it, so any very strong yet unknown diseases can still hurt him or something like Akame's Teigu's poison would still affect him.
Zieg Lionheart (Reanimated)
Arya Lionheart
Pack of Dire Wolves (Reanimated)
Ignara; This is a dangerous venom that's used to apply to weapons or pour into drinks for a painful assassination. The venom causes the blood to clog up and in turn it can also turn organs into a lump of solidified blood. If its inserted near the heart, it can kill the target in seconds unless treated which as of now Asen is the only one who has the cure for it. Basically the poison can turn the target's body into a lump of blood that has no circulation as the organs would cease function once the venom reaches them. The timing varies on how long one has to live for everyone's immunity system is different. At most is a half an hour and the least is two seconds.

Indigo; A potent type of poison extracted out from the Danger Beast of a Psychic Spider known as the Lagor. It's contained normally in a syringe of sorts that's hidden inside Asen's sleeves. This poison is pretty rare to come across as it is even rarer to find a Lagor at all since they've been driven to almost extinction over the course of the last seven centuries. However it is known to mainly to doctors who has managed to treat this poison and to the assassins who use such poison. This poison can cause the living object to become completely paralyzed upon injected into the wound or into the body itself. It takes affect immediately the poison gets inside the body and can last for up to 8 hours without the aid of medicine or unnatural resistances.

Desert Eagle; This is just a regular 50 cal pistol that shoots just as powerful as a 50 Cal should and contains up to 9 rounds a clip.

Musei; This is indeed a katana that was specially forged for him to wield as it is a very durable weapon despite the fact that its not a Teigu. It was forge by the Star Metal, a legendary metal of unknown origin, Star Metal supposedly carries supernatural powers, though most assume the material exists only in myth. This metal alone without the myths makes this weapon extremely hard to break even under the pressure of a Teigu and is said to cut solid materials as though they were paper except for Teigus without putting some vigorous effort into doing so.
Quick Reflexes;
Like Zieg's, his body reacts faster to danger than his body can comprehend. Its pure instinct, and thus he usually moves out of the way from the danger or if there doesn't seem to be the case then he'll make a way to keep himself from being harmed.

This isn't a combat skill, but he can with the right equipment replace the organs with something that's equally capable to the body. Such as the heart for example, he can find the right blood type for the body and then switch the two out. This of course will cause the other person who sacrificed themselves to die in the process.

Adept Knives
If anything he's really good with kinves, throwing knives especially. This is his main source of self defense.

Acute Senses
Through experimenting with his own body, he found a way to unlock his five senses including touch, smell, hearing, taste, and sight. However because of this everything is a lot louder than normal to him along with his tongue is sensitive on what he eats. He can smell other things such as pollution of urine and other nasty stuff. Sucks to be in a city.

This character possess an enormous capacity to learn and develop their potential, always gaining the maximum benefit from whatever they have seen or done.

Animal Affinity
This character has a special link with animals that allows him to obtain a positive reaction. He is also able to communicate in a limited way with them, understanding their general intentions, and vice versa.
[Love interest]: None
Asen had amnesia by the time he was just ten years old. He woke up in a hospital and was alone with no family or friends. Come to find out he was an orphan who was abandoned in the middle of the night when he was just six. Whether this is true or not he's not sure, but the doctor that treated him took Asen in and had him study mainly on medical stuff on college level. By the time he turned thirteen, he was able to perform successful surgeries and seemed to have worked miracles by curing almost any diseases thrown at him. Those that were deemed incurable before was proven wrong by Asen for he would crack it down to the ground of what caused it then he finds a way to cure it. He was pretty much a pro at it, and perhaps even a genius as some have called him. But when he joined the Jaegars because of his expertise he started to get a very dark reputation. For he obtained the Teigu listed above and already experimented on its abilities. Causing decaying corpses to walk in the night, terrorizing the locals believing that an apocalypse was coming. But he met Zieg on his first day in Jaegar and actually made a true friend that actually understood him. But on one mission, Zieg was found dead. This was what set him to start going out of these walls and vow a silent vengeance for his friend's death.

After that was when he started to embrace the darkness in his heart and thus he took his anger out on the prisoners with one of the Majors known as Shisui. Mainly putting up an execution for the Capital's eyes to see, and Asen didn't even think twice upon his actions when they were hanged in public only to rise from their graves so to speak. Striking terror in the public's hearts, he continued his different field of medical science into something that constructs poisons to be weaponized for the Jaegars to use for their own survival. He made quite a profit out of selling his poisons and even the cures to them in case for emergencies. Over the course of this he even created his own being of life, a Danger Beast that he created for his own goal as a scientist that is known as Queen though little information about this Beast is known to public or even amongst the Capital's Army. However, he begins to see on how the morality was so low and he knew well before anyone else that this Capital wouldn't last for long at the rate they were going. So he actually surprised the public by hosting some fireworks display and even held some festivities from time to time. People used to think that he was a mad scientist driven insane just like how the corrupted higher ups were. However it seemed that Asen has a different side of him that actually separates him from the other Jaegars.

As if things couldn't get anymore interesting, who decides to assassinate him? Well it is none other than Zieg's little sister Arya Lionheart who worked under the behalf of the Revolutionary Army. Now of course he was supposed to kill her because she worked for the Revolutionary, and he almost did too. However he spared her life solely to get information out of her or so he claimed. Now she can be found amongst the public streets happy as can be even though Asen actually had shot her on the leg when she tried to kill him. Though that might rise some suspicion that he is trying to undermine the Revolutionary Army so they almost immediately cut all ties with her to prevent any potential leaks.
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hey everyone im new here anyone wanna talk

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Name: Jake
Sex: Male
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 59 kg
Age: looks to be around Tatsumi's and Akame's
Blood type: Unknown
Eye color: Black(turns yellow once trump card is active)
Hair Color: Black
Hair length: Unknown
Personality: Kind, caring, smart, somewhat of a lone-wolf, afraid of girls, has a bad temper(and I mean bad)
Likes: His comrades, Tatsumi, Akame, Mine, Leone, Chelsea, Sussano, Najenda, and Lubblock
Dislikes: The Empire and his parents
Bio: Jake was abandoned by unloving parents. He practically raised himself on the streets of the capital, where he learned that it was kill or be killed. He became a master thief and assasin. For some unknown reason he developed a fear of girls, when one gets to close to him, he'll blush and shut down. However in battle the fear diminshes. He stole his Teigu from The Empire's Teigu Vault. Which caught the attention of Esdeath, she wanted to make him apart of her team. But he also caught the attention of Night Raid. Najenda sent Tatsumi and Akame to recuit him. One day after killing a noble Jake was cornered by Esdeath and her team. Not knowing of his fear, she and Kurome got to close to him. Once they became aware of his fear they backed up and invited him to The Jaegers. He said he'd think about it. Later that night Akame and Tatsumi found him. Akame got to close to Jake and he couldn't speak at all, thankfully Tatsumi realized it and told her to back off and let him handle it. After talking to Tatsumi, Jake ended up joining. Of course he keeps his distance from Leone, Akame, Chealsea, Najenda, and Mine, although Leone uses his fear to tease him alot. Other incidents involve Chelsea and Mine accidentally getting close to him

Full name: Burning Demon Sword Pyrus
Type: Offensive
Faction: Night Raid
User: Jake
Abilities: allows Jake to control fire at will. Also once cut with Pyrus a poison is injected into the person's bloodstream. The poison burn and makes the cutted person feel like he/she is on fire. The poison burns away your insides slowly, causing a slow painful death if the cut is deep enough
Trump card
Flame Mode: Turns the user's eyes yellow and raises the user's rage. The user also gains wings of fire and his body becomes engulfed in fire. The user gains the ability to fly for a short period of time. The user's strength, speed, agility, and endurance is also increased exponentially.
How it appears: Sword

+Mine OfNightRaid​​​​​
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