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FREE MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) by University of Colorado
Taught by: Dr. Tim “Dr. T” Chamillard, Associate Professor Computer Science
The course is 5 modules long and is designed to be completed in 5 weeks.
Module 1: Explore a Dynamic Array data structure and learn the basics of algorithm analysis
Module 2: Learn about and use the common Linked List and Graph data structures
Module 3: Learn about and use several additional data structures: Stacks, Queues, and Trees
Module 4: Learn why design patterns are so useful and discover a number of design patterns useful in game development
Module 5: Complete final peer review

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ASP.NET Web API is a framework that simplifies the creation of HTTP services

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Let’s say we have a grid with a list of customers being displayed. The user can delete any customer by clicking on the Delete button next to a particular customer. This will do an HTTP POST to a Delete action which will remove the customer from the database and redirect the user back to the list of customers.

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We have combined ASP.NET Core & Angular to create the sample SPA app without any CLI, learn how to start with an empty ASP.NET Core application to serve static HTML page.
We also have deep dived into the latest frontend technology like Angular6 from scratch to build a single page application, have a short overview of Angular6 dependencies & also have ideas of module, components. Then we have performed some database operation using our sample application. Finally, we have implemented Dynamic Highchart. Hope this will help.

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Regular Expression is a powerful text processing tool for log mining, data parsing, cleanup and preparation. Its power and flexibility allows you to accomplish a lot with very few lines of code.

Over 60% of the effort in big data projects is spent on data cleanup and preparation.
Data can come from variety of sources including internal databases, log files, sensor generated data, Twitter, Facebook and so forth. Having access to powerful regular expression tool will open up lot of opportunities for you on how you look at your data and what can you do with it.

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** What is Asynchronous Programming
** .NET Framework built-in Asynchronous Methods.
** Creating Asynchronous Methods
** Understanding how an Asynchronous Method work
** Multithreading in C# and .Net Core
** Write parallel code with Tasks
** Write parallel code with C#’s Parallel class.
** Async Return Types and Parameters
** Dealing with Async exceptions
** Testing Asynchronous Code

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You will start by learning about the #Visual Studio setup, then jump into learning the C# basics, such as classes, objects, C# types, and value and reference types. From there, Mark will teach you how to work with C# types, such as how to use properties and fields, access modifiers, and understand and use constructors. This video tutorial also covers how to implement class hierarchies, understand delegates and events, and garbage collection basics. Finally, you will learn about asynchronous programming and data security, such as how to encrypt user files and hash data.

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[FREE Online Tests]
These online tests will be helpful to assess you knowledge related to specific technology area.
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