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Once upon a time on a dark night a thief was claiming up a wall, a passerby saw him and cried” thief, thief “, immediately he jumped down while running fast shout louder” thief, thief “and disappeared among the crowed following him. It’s a story of some statesman especially in developing countries. 

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Join us when we speak with Patricia Nolan-Brown about her new book, Ideas to Invention, and get some great tips and advice on taking that unique idea of yours and turning into a profitable product.

Hello, I have some new ideas want to share with others

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Can't go out tonight?? Haven't taken a picture with your long distance friend in ages? NO PROBLEM! Let PostUP bring a new kind of party to your phone!!!

WHAT IS IT?: It's a REAL TIME INTERACTIVE PHOTO BOOTH and much more. PostUP members can host ONLINE PHOTO PARTIES. They simply upload a MUSIC PLAYLIST to play in the background. Next they add a BACKDROP, which will be used for the party scenery. Finally, they add a date, time, and password for the party. The password for the party is given to other PostUP FRIENDS(guest list). LIVE PICTURES, MUSIC, and CHATTING are all combined to create the MOST INTERACTIVE APP in town.

HOW IT REALLY WORKS: The apps main feature allows any person(wishing to PostUP) to take a photo of themselves against any white wall. By placing these selfies against the same backdrop it creates the ILLUSION OF FRIENDS/FAMILY BEING INSIDE A PHOTO BOOTH. This makes it possible to actually take pictures WITH YOUR FRIENDS while listening to music, and interacting all in the same app! All pictures taken in PostUP can be saved to your phone.

HOW THE IDEA WAS BIRTHED: The social network epidemic is booming. People enjoy being able to connect with each other while they are not in close proximity. They also enjoy sharing pics. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc are all platforms that afford these opportunities. However, none of them include the feeling of actually being at a party, event, or affair. PostUP doesn't just simply show off your pics, but it allows you to create memories.

WHO CAN USE IT: The great thing about this app is that it is geared towards all types of people. PostUP photo parties can be thrown by offices, sororities, sports teams, religious organizations, celebrities, families.....and the list goes on.

PostUP is currently being crowdfunded, those interested jn revenue shares have been diving in to this opportunity.

PROBLEMS SOLVED: People are often separated by distance. This app bridges the gap between us, it will reunite/unite people like never seen before. It will erase the mentality, that all preceding social networks have created, of simply sharing aspects of your lives from afar. Instead it will bring lives back together.


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#BlackFridaydeals download chap 2 #IdeatoInvention and watch the trailer, then preorder and save $!book/c113d

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Has anyone tried using crowdfunding to cover the costs of filing patent applications? Crowdfunding includes sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, RocketHub and lots of others.

I started some crowdfunding campaigns to cover my patent application costs. And I was wondering if anyone had any advice. My campaigns are at:

Indiegogo -

Peerbackers -

RocketHub -

My Kickstarter campaign hasn't been approved yet.

Any comments or advice would be appreciated. 

If you tried it, did it work? If you didn't try it, why not? What worked? What didn't work? What's the best approach to it? What's the best crowdfunding site for patent applications, if any?


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Got a good idea? Reviews are in:

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Here's an idea I have with the goal of making it easier for people to eat healthy.

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Hi guys and girls, I've created a free Android app that helps you keep track of all your ideas. With a clean interface, question sets, notes, email export.

Could you try it out and and give some feedback on what you think should be the next feature/effort I should work on?

#ideas #app #creative
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