I'm looking for a submissive female slave.
Must use hangouts. Must be descriptive, playful, dirty. You must be willing to do whatever I say, comment below if you're interested in becoming my slave~

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Title: Titan Rising

((Female Needed))
((Read and Enjoy))
((Story First))

It was a rather rambunctious day in jump city as the titans were up against the hive. Everything was going well as the titans had the hive beaten again, until Gizmo flipped the switch on the titans as they fell into a trap. Each member of the titans were separated with their rival in different parts of jump city. Mammoth had to deal with Cyborg, Gizmo was going against Beast Boy, Kid Wyykyd took on Robin, Billy Numerous trapped Starfire, and Jinx had to battle Raven.

During the battle between Raven and Jinx, Jinx started to gain the upper hand. But just as she thought that she was going to win, a mysterious being teleported behind Jinx. Because Jinx was facing Raven, she didn't have enough time to register the fact that some mysterious 6th titan was behind her. She was then put to sleep by a chop to the back of her neck. As Jinx fell to the ground unconscious, Raven gets a good look at the being. He looked to be 5'3", his hair was long and white. He had white ears like a wolf on the top of his head. He looked to have a 4 and a-half foot long white tail. His outfit consist of a Red Sleeveless Hoodie and Red baggy pants with 3 black belts, One to obviously hold up his pants and Two more to hold a white sword. Speaking of his sword, Raven could sense negative energy much like her own coming from both him and his sword. This both intrigued her and impressed her.

Afterwards, they both found and helped the remaining titans with beating down the rest of the hive. During this, the titans noticed the newcomer with his abilities. They've all came down to the conclusion that he could be a future member of the titans. As the newcomer and the titans traveled back to the titan's tower, The Newcomer finally revealed his identity. He was InuRēsu Nero Oyamada, the prince of the Oyamada wolf clan. As he was imbued with Negative Energy, in which he uses for good. A few of his abilities were on display, for example: Mastery in swordsmanship, hand to hand combat, energy manipulation/control, ability to predict attacks, mind reading, persona switch, shapeshifting and time manipulation (Similar to Zandatsu from Metal Gear: Rising).

As he didn't have a home, Inu asked if he could stay in the tower for a while. Robin, being the leader of the titans, agreed with Inu's request under the condition that he becomes a titan as well. Inu made the compromise between Robin and himself as the titans gained another ally. As the titans went to their rooms, Inu sat in the middle of the living room, laid his sword "Yamato" out in front of him, and began to meditate. Raven walked to the white wolf, nudging him slightly to get his attention. He looks up to her as she was about to ask him something...

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Title: Foxes and Wolves

((Curious Female Needed))
((Read and Enjoy))

Inu was meditating in the forbidden forest in Osaka, Japan. As the night was dark due to a new moon, the ambience was extremely quiet. His astral projection was communicating with the spirits of his family as this night was the night that his clan was killed off as he was the Oyamada clan's sole survivor, he wanted to see if their spirits were in peace. As expected, everyone was at peace. As his projection returned to his body, Inu got up and made his way back out of the forest. However he couldn't shake the feeling of being followed...

He soon turned around and noticed a pair of teal eyes. Inu's ears twitched as he got closer to the eyes on all fours, like a wolf. The teal eyes gotten closer to him as well. Their noses touched and they both backed up for a moment. They both gotten close again, noses touching. But this time, they were sniffing each other's essence. (A common thing that majority of animals of the same or of a similar breed does. It's a animal thing.) They were trying to find if they were friend or foe. When they were finished finding their essence, the eyes crawled out of the shadows and over Inu. It appeared to be a yellow fox and it also appeared to be a female due to her wearing white lingerie. To her, Inu posed as no threat, which made her curious...

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Title: Way Of The Brain

((Tsundere Female Needed))
((Read and Enjoy))

InuRēsu Oyamada, also known as "The White Wolf", Class S: Rank 25. Inu was in the outskirts of J City after a successful mission. He was headed towards the Hero Association Headquarters at an unprecedented speed that can be only matched by Class B's Saitama. As he made his way towards HQ, He was Joined by Tatsumaki, Class S: Rank 10. She was returning to HQ as well as he was. Although she was Very cold-hearted as she could tell off everyone in the association. But she has her eyes set on The White Wolf although he doesn't know it. As soon as he noticed that she was traveling in the same direction, he obliged if she wanted to stay a night at a hotel in the neighboring city. She agreed and they traveled to E City.

As the night fell and they arrived at a hotel, they both settle in. Inu sat on the bed meditating, as Tatsumaki went to take a shower. He stayed silent as he didn't want to bother her, nor did he want to break his focus. She soon came out of the bathroom, putting on her signature outfit. She decided to break the silence in the room. " You're always meditating. Don't you do anything else? You can't be serious. " Tatsumaki protests coldly about Inu. He was still meditating. " Are you really ignoring me?!? " He still kept silent. For a moment, Tatsumaki felt discouraged over the fact that she wasn't getting his attention. She tried once more, but this time it was more physical. She used her telekinetic power to gently push him against the headboard. He soon notices. She crawled on the bed and looked him in the eye, smiling...

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Title: Dragon's Love

(Shy Tsundere Needed)
(Read and Enjoy)

Tina was a half-dragon that lived in the mountains. She was a legend surrounding the recent disappearances of hikers. They say that she only comes out in the dark of the night to prey upon the weak. It was as if she was labeled as a shinigami (Spirit of Death), But no one knows of her own story. She stayed alone because everyone she has came close to, she has harmed. There was no one on the earth to come close to her. Her aura alone could make a mere human lose consciousness. But her life was going to change, in more ways than one....

Inu walked in the forest quietly, finding the whereabouts of the Dragon-Girl. It was easy to find her as her aura was rather large. As he arrive, she looked to him. Judging from the look of his face, he had no kind of worry to her aura. It looked to be negated due to a similar aura that he carries. In this case, their auras cancels out. As they both gotten near each other, she began to blush as this was the first time she has been near another person like her. He held his hand out and her hand grabbed a hold of his. She brought him into her cavern, to which she wanted to get to know the semi-demon wolf.....

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Hello everyone!~ I'm new here! Hope to meet lots of people and get to RP with you all!^^
It had been late at night and there had only been small noise throughout the house of a young vampiric adult. Him being Alone with his daughter that he had a few years ago, being the only one for her due to her 'father' never caring to support or visit. After all the young man had been tied down and taken advantage of, he sat with her in his arms watching a nature channel together they talked while doing so.

Dropping all sorts of family subjects, planning trips for the summer.

His young daughter, Gwendolyn was his life and more. She had made him so happy... Even if he had no say he didn't get rid of her, he kept her through birth, believing that everything needed a chance and love. Gwendolyn being a small eight year old by now, living with her 'mother' and cat, Mavis.
The two were distracted until Rejumota had put on a movie for been and went to get some popcorn from the kitchen.

Returning to see that the young vampire was fast asleep already, he picks her up and carries her to her room just across the hall from his own. Coming back down to turn the television off he pit tye popcorn away and pulled his cat up, taking her to his daughter's room because he knew how the two had a strong bond..

He missed sleeping with the cat but he knew his daughter loved it even more.. Mavis jumped down, looking up at him and meowing before rubbing his leg and running into the room with the young girl. Rejumota laughed gently before heading to bed.

Pulling his blanket over himself he sighed happily and shut his purple glowing eyes, feel at peace once again he went to sleep happily.


A tall dark figure grinned as they made their way around the house, circling the outside and looking for a was in. Luckily for them they manage to break into a window, climbing in and searching around after stepping over broken sharps of glasses. Soon stopping to pick up a huge piece of glass, big enough to violently impale someone..

The sound of footsteps could be heard throughout the second floor, going up the steps The figure began looking through the house. Seeing that there wasn't much security they began to take out as many cameras as they could find. Hurriedly looking around for precious jewelry or anything of value. They found cash hidden here and there, soon moving to the bedrooms.


The bedroom they had waken into was seen to be Reju's, how unlucky...

They take slow steps, being sure not to wake him they slowly lift the blanket and look at him, looking him up and down before leaving him there. The figure raised there hand that held the glass shard and was about to slam place cuts along the sleeping vampire.

Their attention caught by the soft sounds of a cat meowing.. They turn, seeing that the cat had been waking Reju they quickly walks out the room and found Mavis. Grabbing the cat and throwing it downstairs, or more like leaving it down there, not harming her.

They soon walked back up and found the room Gwendolyn had been in... Opening the door wide they step in, not hearing the quiet movements of Reju as he grits his teeth and went to swing the bat he had. Just in time the burglar moves, causing a loud sound to go throughout the house as he ducked and looked to see Gwen jolt up and gasp.

"Mommy!" She cried out, "Run Gwendolyn!" Reju shouted, the young girl nodded an moved away as Reju had pushed and licked the burglar away from her room, having a small fight before he had been cut and then grabbed.

Gwendolyn was smart, she called the police and did what Reju had taught her to do, knowing their address and such she stayed on the phone... Hiding.

Suddenly a loud scream could be heard on the other end on the operater side as blood squirted and screams began to grow silent and meek. Young Gwendolyn choking and spitting to her own, close to black, blood. Her head being flood with blood along with her side. She cried for her mother, being terrified up until she was dead alone..

The murderer cut open her stomach and pulled on her insides. Until organs and her guts and liver were out, wrapping her up in bloodied guts and also stuffing her own insides down her throat. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head or even out of it's sockets.

That night a young life had been taken and a young man had been taken away, heartbroken and barely able to walk...

Sobbing and throwing punches in a weak struggle he shouted and even clawed and bit the burglar but it had no affect.. leaving him there curled up in the back of a van with no one but himself and guilt. He cried and shouted for help, shouting to the sky on how he failed his daughter and how he wished it was him.

((Seme needed!
Most likely mpreg(?)
Have fun and be an asshole... Even a pervert! The more sexual and creepy/scary you are the more fun! +5 lines or at least 2-3!

Male needed!!! You may play multiple characters and it can even be a gang rape! Just be fun to RP with!~

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Sexy panties
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Eh made my own kinky world sense the last one didn't care about pedophilia or the gore rp i made

I got my old account and back

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(this is a inuyashia rp, koga X kagome.)
(Male needed to play koga)
(first one to say something rude about it is getting an ear full..bet me i won't call you out, be sure to read all of it)
(stating the obvious, **I'm kagome)
(will be hentia)
(needs to be long term)
(needs to be ok with pregnancy)
It's been a year since the jewel had been fixed, everyday since Inuyashia kept running back and forth to kikyo, untill the day they mated and she was in the group everyday since making my and my friends lifes a living hell. I guess what do you expect from a claypot. Miroku and Sango had came to terms with their feelings with eachother and began dating, while I had officially adopted Shippo. One day i had enough, even though it was the dead of winter and heavily snowing almost a blizzard type snow i had picked the sleeping Shippo up and began to leave. Hearing Kikyo and InuYasha make random nosies i didn't need proof to know what was happing in the next hut beside mine, if i had just laid there one i would get no sleep what so ever that night, two they would of woke my newly sleeping baby and three, it would of been the end for me. Either cry untill i pass out from exhaustion or cry and wake shippo. I carried him, the weight of our things and food inside my yellow bookbag killing my back but i kept going. I had began to get cold, i used my blanket to not only keep shippo warm but to cover all of him from the weather and whatever, or rather whom ever we might stumble across. I began to freeze unable to control my shaking i found a tree, it wouldn't do much but it would have to do. Unaware i was close to the wolves den, i fixed the blankets around shippo and held him close scared i was going to freeze to death before he woke but i bit my tounge and shoved it aside
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