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#Glaucoma – The #Myths and the #Facts

In short, do not fall prey to myths surrounding glaucoma, but get yourself examined by experienced professionals at reputed hospitals like Shalby Hospital – one of the best Glaucoma Departments of India, where patients of all ages undergo treatment for glaucoma, successfully.

If not God,  i would have be totally blind. Brethren I am Grace by name i want to let all here know how i suffered from glaucoma for a very long time. in my fifteenth year i had eye issues, and i was taking to a doctor by my parents, the doctor diagnosed cataract in my eyes was the cause of my eye problem, so i was treated and i was no longer using glasses. But as i grew older i found out that i was losing the use of my eyes as i was having real shortsightedness so before i got married, it became very bad that i have to see a doctor again, and this time i was diagnosed of glaucoma, and the doctor said there is no cure to it. so i was suffering from glaucoma and i needed the cure desperately i lost Hugh amount of money to doctors in USA who claim they can assist reduce its effect  but still nothing was done no improvement rather it was becoming worst. i always go to church and cry to God to please help me out of this situation. After some time i was seeing only the chest of someone standing in front of me i was not seeing the other part of the persons' body. So this prompted me to look for cure with all means. i surf the web and got several ways to cure it but i tried so many ways, and none worked out well. I came across someone who gave a testimony about how his cousin was cured of CJD through the use of herbal medicine administered to him by one Doctor Uwadia Amenifo he also includes the herbalist contact details, so i decided to try to ask him if he can cure me. i contacted him, and he said to me that he have cured so many people of glaucoma and i was very surprised and the question i asked myself was that why have i not come across these already cured people ever since for them to share their experience with me. so the herbalist counseled me and after that we made the arrangement, and he prepared the herbs and send it to me in my country. i followed hos prescription on the dosage and how i am to take it, and behold just like a dream to me it was as if i was watching a film, i was cured within a short space of time, and after i was cured i informed the herbalist and thanked him very much so he pleaded that i share this among people who have same problem that feels that all hope is lost. Brethren, today i can see clearly, and very far, my glaucoma is gone and gone for life. For this reason i want to say a big thanks to Doctor Uwadia Amenifo for his wonders work in my life his herbs are very potent. Please if you want your glaucoma and eye problem cured. i advise you contact Doctor Uwadia Amenifo and get his herbs for your cure. His email is        and his phone number is        +2349052015874.

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I was told I have glaucoma in August had surgery my vision is really bad
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