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"Speed, maneuverability, and accuracy are key in a dogfight. If you miss your shot or slow down too much, you're dead. Turn too tight or not tight enough, you're dead."

"Sometimes the only solution for peace is war. But that's a rare occurrence."

"I only do what i believe is necessary. Nothing more."

"One shot can end one life, and save hundreds, if not thousands or millions. As a sniper, it's up to me to take it."

Name: Hunter Dracon

Alias/Callsign: Strikewolf, Night wind.

Age: 17

Gender: Male (Seems a little obvious doesn't it?)

Species: Pegasus

Sexuality: Bisexual (but he's more straight than gay.)

Nationality: Australia

Skills: Stealth, Gunsmithing (building guns.), Has a knack for computers, blacksmithing, programming, electronics construction.

Weapons: 14 knives of his own design (7 are shorter, and the other 7 are longer.), used for throwing, plus another three combat knives with blades a full foot long, and a longsword.

PSR-27 Wraith Sniper Rifle: Will penetrate 5 centimeter's of concrete at point blank. Max effective distance 2,700 meters. Mag size: 27 rounds. Recharge time (for the plasma mags) fifteen minutes( three turns.) Accuracy: Diversion over 100 meters, 0.27 cm. Caliber: 12.7 mm (.50 caliber.) Bullet speed: Mach 7.5. Can fire Plasma Bolts or Bullets.

NOS-39 Viper Heavy Pistol: Will penetrate 5 centimeters of concrete. Max effective distance: 140 meters. Mag size: Nine rounds. Recharge time (Plasma mags): Five minutes (one turn). Accuracy: Diversion over 100 m: 1 cm. Caliber: 12.7 mm (.50 caliber).

HAR-38 Venom Heavy Aassault Rifle: Will penetrate 2.5 centimeters of concrete with one shot. Maximum effective distance: 970 meters. Mag Size: 54 rounds. Recharge time (Plasma mags.): Fifteen minutes. Accuracy: Diversion over 100 meters: 9 cm. Caliber: 7.75 mm (.30511811024 caliber)

Hobbies: Tinkering, Practicing with his weapons, Training, Listening to Music, Playing his guitar. Flying his planes or sailing on his ship. Or just flying in general.

Cutie mark: None.

Profession: Assassin. He does a lot of mercenary work, fighting, and weapons design on the side.

Personality: When you first meet him he seems friendly and shy, but as you get to know him better, more is revealed about the seemingly cheerful person.

Clothing: Everything he wears is black, it helps him blend into the shadows. He wears a black Australian style hat, a leather sport bike jacket over a vest that has a long sleeve shirt under it.

Backstory: He's an orphan from Australia. With a knack for technology, he took designs of fighter planes and built the aircraft as well as designed his own weapons. He lost his right forearm at the age of 14 and built a cybernetic replacement with a built in hidden blade. It was finished six months after the incident. He was transported into Equestrian because, in the human world, karma finally caught up to him. So he ended up dead, but all his stuff ended up in equestrian because his existence was pretty much erased in the human world. But his stuff can't just disappear, so it was transported here.

Other: He owns two pet Philippine Eagles. One is black cyan, his name is Nightwind. The other is Nightwind's mate, Saphira.
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is in a Casa Cristo Race 5000 Classic with you racing by my side so you ((my car is the white one))
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Everyone is high
* Everyone I know is high.
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Random stuff:Is a vampire

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Don't say a word... I may have drank too much Z Serum 04 I look at myself

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I wake up one morning going to the bathroom I look into the window Aah!!! Why am I a mare?! I grab my phone and call somepony from my friends list Pick up! Pick up! Pick up..! (Open RP, Don't Ask, Will make PP))

Dancing with a Taco Señor Tacu, you're good at this!
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