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Hey I am Sophia, an Aussie chick with a channel

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anyone wana check out my channel? im also looking for a couple of chaps to record with comment on any of my videos or pm me if your interested in that

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hello guys im assassin lol im usually doing videos over gaming and whatnot i sometimes will do tutorials for pc stuffz and ea guys thats me :D check me out for daily videosĀ 

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Haha, so the director and devs tossed me a few keys for Cloud Chamber. Holding a contest :P.

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Hello every one, i do let's plays, twitch streaming, news coverage, and putting together a new weekly podcast. my current let's play is still skyrim though i have gone through several games at the same time (man it's a long game), but i am also playing:
World of Warcraft
can get back into DCUO, AoC, Rift and many others.
i am also looking for a potential group to play Magic 2015 with, to basically b.s. around.
you can find me at:

Anyone interested in playing any of these games
Killing Floor
Happy Wars
Garry's Mod
ORION:Dino Horde

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