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Name: Sáralondë or Sára
Race: Elf
Age: around 100, looks about 17-18
Hair: short and red
Eyes: grey
Characteristics: tall, skinny, very pale
Outfit: plain, black, and durable everything; pants, shirt, boots
Personality: confident bordering on arrogant, she is the best and she knows it. She is easily offended but if she likes you she would fight to the death for you
Weapons: magic, fighting stick, bow and arrow, throwing knifes
Bio: orphan, was raised and trained by Rhunon. Most of the elves kinda shun her because of her hair color. She joined the Varden and helps out however she can, fighting, smithing, or giving advice. She's friends with Nasuada and best friends with Angela the Herbalist
(Side note: her fighting stick looks like the pics; it locks together, hiding the blades like the first pic or it comes apart to reveal the two blades like the second pic)
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Anyone want to rp!

please please PLEASE! make a character sheet asap!

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Name: Coal Valtory
Gender: female
Race: Human
Features:red hair, pail skin, green eyes
Personality: Trust no one but her dragon Durakan, mysterious, hard core, and tries to be a bad ass with the skills she learned by her mentor before he was mudered
Dragon: Red winged serpent
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riders-if you are a rider you can be anything other than a shade you have to be either with the varden or government and you have a dragon. you are stronger and smarter than most people, but you also have you faults if you or your dragon dies you will die also you are linked together no matter what. only a certain amount are allowed each month so sign up fast
elf- your agile and nice, but get offended easily. you are very strong and don't eat meat you are capable of singing to plants to get them to do what you want them to
dwarf- you are short and usually have beards you eat meat and are basically human except that you are very good at building and mining
human- your human that's it...
shade- you summoned a spirit that over took you  are evil and dark and have are skilled swords man they are strong and the likeliness of defeating them is low  

fill out this character sheet please
Species: (elf dwarf human rider shade if you want to be something else then ask)
side:(either government, varden or towns people)
Skin tone:
pets: (if your a rider you have to have a dragon)

welcome! to start we need rules so here they are
1: be nice
2:no swearing
3:make sure to get your character approved
4:try not to be annoying
5:also have fun!


Name: Zira Kakizo
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Demon
side: I dunno
hair: Black
eyes: Silver
Skin tone: Pale
height: 5'7
personality: Shy
pets: None
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