We had an interesting example of a siblings relationship adjacent to a parent and child relationship in our last game with a Sociopath at the nexus of the two relationships.

The ability to share dice using the relationships combined with the fact that the Sociopath is immune to the relationship penalty and usually has plenty of humanity to power the sharing made me want to check the rules.

Does the relationship kick in when the relationship character is resolving a Scene or any time they are supporting the resolution of a scene?

Basically when and how can you share dice with those relationships?

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CanGames is coming up May 19-21. And I'm going be all up in its grill! Check it out!

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+Patrick Riegert is a contributor and the editor of Hope Inhumanity, along with many other great tabletop games. If you ever need an editor for your game, look him up. Read more about him and his work...


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The Hope Inhumanity Actual Play video has finally arrived!


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Do I need 2nd Edition of Hope Inhumanity to play the Martial Law expansion?
Find your answers here:

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Hope Inhumanity now available online in Canada from Compose Dream Games. http://composedreamgames.com/marketplace/hope-inhumanity

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Hope Inhumanity will be available to play and to purchase at Toronto Breakout Con, March 10-12. I will be there as a guest at Breakout, and while both the game and it’s expansion, Martial Law, will be available for sale at the Indie game store, I will be running several sessions of Hope Inhumanity.


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Looking to pick up a copy of Hope Inhumanity? Want that sexy dice set that compliments the game? Don't want to pay for shipping? You'll want to head over to the Breakout Con Indie Game store this weekend at the Holiday Inn Yorkdale. (Toronto)
What can you find in the Breakout Indie Game Store?

We run the indie game store to sell our guest’s products so they have more time to play games with you!

This year we’ve also added some great Breakout merchandise, including Breakout Dice, and three different Breakout buttons.

The Breakout Indie Game Store is cash only.

For details and hours:

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Great news! The Hope Inhumanity bundle has arrived at DriveThruCards.com. It includes both the 2nd Edition and Martial Law expansion.


Hi! While buying the bundle, it is impossible to include the deckboxes!
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