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Elsa +Mikasa Julien-Kirkland 

Lilyanna +Princess Lilyanna Of Arendelle 

Merlin +Snow Queen Elsa of Arendelle™ 











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Oh, Im taken. Better luck next time Elsa. ;)

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Name: Arthur
Age: 20 
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Place of Origin: America
Power: Eagle Sense
Family: 1 brother, 5 sisters, parents
Skills: Freerunning, stealth, marksmanship, armed and unarmed combat
Personality: Cautious, reserved, externally tough but internally sensitive. Doesn't trust easily.
Likes: Freerunning, traveling, spending time with friends
Dislikes: Disease, injury, emotional abuse
Weapons: Arsenal can vary, but includes the following: smartphone with hacking apps, katanas, Hidden/Phantom Blades, silenced Colt M1911s, Colt M4A1 carbine, Barrett M107  
Bio:1994: Born. 
2009: Moved out earlier than planned and headed to Vermont, where he lived for a while with a friend, Devin Kenway, before settling in Silent Hill, ME. Heard of a town called Storybrooke from Devin, but paid it little mind at first. Alternated between living in Silent Hill and NYC for the next five years. Became acquainted with Charles Xavier. Discovered a device called the Animus and began using it on a regular basis. 
2011: Journeyed to New Mexico and witnessed the coming of Thor. 
2012: Abducted by Abstergo Industries. Befriends Desmond Miles and Lucy Stillman before escaping. Later meets William Miles, Shaun Hastings and Rebecca Crane. Was in Gotham at the time Bane imposed martial law on that city. Witnessed the Chitauri Invasion which led to the Battle of New York. Tested positive for PTSD several months later.
2013: Met a girl named Lily Richards, to whom he grew close. Met Thor again in London, and witnessed his battle with Malekith the Accursed. Saw Superman battle Zod in Metropolis. 
2014: Was staying in San Francisco when Godzilla arrived and battled the MUTOs. Journeyed to Washington DC and had a close encounter with the Winter Soldier. Later visited the planet Xandar. Returned to Earth and spent more time with Lily, who later died not long after marking the one-year anniversary of their meeting for the first time. Has been living quietly in Silent Hill, coping with PTSD and grief from Lily's death while trying to put his past behind him.
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