spring has sprung,,,,weekend has been lovely and warm,,,beers are floweing....

ey up from de da land................

How. Are. You. Doing

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Have a #HappyThanksgiving all! Happy eating, being with family, and being on the couch in your food coma.

Hi all I am new to this here to make some good friends:)

Where is the Hangout for tonight? +Pam Moore 

YAY! Love me some   #GetRealChat
Thanks for the invite +Pam Moore XO 

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Did you miss #GetRealChat Radio "IBM Exceptional #DigitalExp"
 today? No worries...listen to recording now!

Get Real Chat Radio
Get Real Chat Radio

I enjoy the twitter chat communities on G+, it's where I can check in to find out the weekly focus (since I don't do FB) and also continue the conversation  ~ but it looks like not much is going on here? OR is there something wrong? +Steve Cassady +Pam Moore 

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