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Hey guys, this week, I want to share with you, my Star Wars Lightsaber project. It’s a simple Unity project where you can control a 3d lightsaber using a Leap Motion. Complete project on GitHub. #starwars #unity3d #unitydev #gamedev


Hi guys !! :D i am a student and i want to know simple ways of making sprite animation in in UNITY 4.3.2 :)
i hope someone will help me :)

I start to build my first game & I want to design my 2d character.anyway I don't know exactly how to create it.which software good?photoshop?illustrator?or anything else.I need some advice.

Can anyone help me do an android offline mind games ? For a thesis project . Im just new on this stuff but I am always into making good games ..

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I have just started watching these videos and a think I might have a little bit of a head start because in T.A.G. (talented and gifted) we were using a program called scratch. (this is a very good program for beginners and any new people joining this list I suggest you use this website  if you don't know very much about programing and all that stuff it is also a fun way to learn)

I found Greg's fantastic tutorials for Unity on YouTube.  A great and many thanks for providing me a great introduction to this platform!

However, the website is down currently.
What are the circumstances of the takedown?  Does it simply lack support to bring back up?

I wanted to say thank you for the tutorials and  many thanks for explaining in terms i can so new to code its insane lol
but i was that video of you having objects catching in a basket and then disappearing if they missed the do u have a time delay so it doesnt disappear instantly.

thanks for all your help.

i have a problem  of  download free unity software  can you  frds help me

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