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(Before survival group)
I was playing with the twins Ryan and Henry and then I heard the zombie noises I couldn't see the zombies cause I was blind and I told the twins to run but didn't here anything and I heard their screams and then they turned to zombies and then I flew up to a cloud sad I wish I could have saved them but I couldn't I didn't know where they were and i flew home and heard my family and they sounded like zombies and then I flew away

Pegasus) is in the town hall fighting off a horde with a scalpel
(Pre survivor group)

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Name:Rosetta thirn
Job:to heal,to fight and to build shelter
Likes:fighting,freedom,saving others and the blind
Dislikes:Zombies,friends,no guns left
Personailty:Happy,Brave,Loyal,and Clever
Quote:friends are a waste of tears once there gone you can't have them back


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Name : Cherry Hanouna

Age : 16 (or 25 in ponified)

Gender : Mare

Species : Alicorn

Cutie Mark : Like Countess Coloratura

Likes : Her brother her group chocolate cats be beautiful Light Be under the projector and be Dazzle

Dislikes : Pistachio and be terrible mud and dirt orange her worst enemy orange rats and rude

Boyfriend :

Bio : Hello I am Cherry Hanouna This community are for fighters and I want fight this attack I am the sister of a hug star but I do not talk of her if you want... Iove friendship !

Hanouna 💗 Lights
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Name: Clockwork
Gender: male
Age: 19
Type: alicorn
Cutiemark: the clock with the gears in front [see bottom for reference]
Job: archiving accounts of everything that has ever happened in equestria
Sexuality: bisexual
Personallity: kind, giving, serious,
Bio: he was born a alicorn, and his parents abandoned him. He never found out why though. He lives in Canterlot, but he is seen mostly in ponyville. When he was 11, there was a filly stuck on top of a clock tower. The filly was about to slip off, but just before she fell, he stopped time. He was confused about what happened but he didn't waste any time. He flew up to the filly and took her down from the clock tower and placed her on the ground, then flew away. As he flew away time unfroze, and everyone was skeptical and looking around to see what had happened. As he was flying away he had also earned his cutiemark.
Talent: he is good with clocks, or anything mechanical
Special talents: looking into the past, future, or present [when he does this his eye color switches to gold and Roman numerals appear around his pupil. Oddly he can't see when his parents abandoned him or who they were], freezing and unfreezing time [he only does this when needed, and rarely uses this skill in fights]
Weapon: he uses his horn, but he has been known to use a 22. Cal black diamond from time to time.
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Name: Hermione
Age: 10
Gender: Mare
One thing about her she is blind
Species: Pegasus

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Name Diamond pastille
Age 16
Gender mare
Race pegasus
Likes music drawing sports and flying
Dislikes books

Clockwork is walking around Canterlot wearily I miss this place when it was happy and alive.. he continues walking with a holster on his saddlebags. It was holding a 22. Cal black diamond

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Name picalia
Age dunno
She is a mechanic that builds useful things out of stuff she finds (because its an apocalypse)
+Wave Flash gaming​.do I need to say anything else ?

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Name: Pegasus Tyler
Gender: stallion
Story: broke from more than 50 mental wards before the infection, also was and still is a cannabal and cold blooded killer
Talents: other than killing none
CM: none
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