I've set up redirector on a form to send to a single destination, I'll be doing this on a lot of forms to the same destination, if I can get this to work. Only issue is, when I get responses on the form, it isn't populating to the master spreadsheet. How do I troubleshoot this?

Is there a way to use Form Redirector in conjunction with the quizzes feature in Google Forms so that a student's scores could be redirected to the correct spreadsheet. For example, I want question 1 to determine which spreadsheet a student's results go too but I would like for their quiz score to accompany their submission. Right now, it is only redirecting the raw submission.

our form director has stopped auto populating into individual google spreadsheets. what are the troubleshooting steps?

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Good afternoon!

First, thank you for this outstanding tool and all the others developed by NewVisions.

I'm having students use a form to tick check boxes next to questions they answered incorrectly on an exam. The goal is to then split their responses around the commas, transpose, and then index/match the topic of the questions answered incorrectly. Question numbers range from 1-50.

The problem occurs when students select only 3 values and all 3 values are less than 10-- for example, 4, 5, 6. The formRedirector Responses page pastes the 3 values separated by a comma and interprets this as a date= 4, 5, 2006 (see the attached image with more color). Changing the format to a number yields a 5 digit serial number for the date. I'm able to work around this with a few helper columns, but was curious about preventing the date problem. You can see that in the second image.

Note: In the original form response sheet, the data automatically starts with an apostrophe to prevent autoformatting to a date.

Thank you very much for your assistance!
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How do you remove the formRedirectors settings in a form. It is pointing to the wrong question and can't be change. Do we need to copy the form to start fresh?

I can create the folder and the sheets, but my submissions do not go into the correct sheet. I do not see any submissions at all.

I created a test spreadsheet and a test form to which I added formRedirector but when I submit the form nothing is published to the additional sheet. I think I followed the instructions in the Form Router Documentation but I must have missed something. Any suggestions?

I couldn't get the add-on to work today. Help!

I have a simple form that I want to use to allow students to submit journal entries to a central source.
Can I use Form Redirector to do the following:

1) take journal entries from many students from a form
2) create a unique spreadsheet based upon user who submitted the form
3) redirect all subsequent entries from that user to his/her unique sheet
4) set share permissions to unique sheet to allow its submitter to view data (if not, I can do this manually)

I am unable to get the addon to work in Google Team Drive. Has anyone run into this issue? Solutions or alternatives?
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