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Hey folks! We just fixed the "unable to load the file picker" error and some other bugs as well. Let +Stephanie Barreyro know if you are still having trouble.

Stephanie, is there anyway to uninstall FormRedirector and add it back in? It will not work (even on brand new forms) and I'm wondering if I uninstalled and reinstalled if it would work again? 

Is there any way to exclude the responses from just one or two questions from being redirected?

I would love to use this for Peer Review, and I'm hoping for it to be anonymous to the person being reviewed. However I'd still like to allow the teacher to see who reviewed whom on the master spreadsheet.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to collect email responses from the person filling out the form, but not have the email addresses redirected to the multi-destination sheets. 

Hello - I'm wondering if there is a limit to the number of responses that are redirected? Our shared files that we redirect to stopped receiving responses mid-day on Nov 30. (between 705 - 720 redirections)

If there is no limit, I am wondering if you have an idea of what stopped the redirecting and how I can get it to read/redirect the responses that have come in since Nov 30.


I think I messed up. I removed Form Redirector from a form because it was not working correctly. Attempted to reinstall, but I can't. This I just discovered that you can only add Form Redirector to a new form.

In my case, I can't do that - link is already shared in multiple places and I already have 95 submissions in the current form.

Is there any way to activate or add Form Redirector to an existing form? (especially one that like an idiot it was removed from?)

Any help would be hugely appreciated.


Activated FormRedirector initially.
Stopped it, because I needed to edit and change the names of the choices (answers) that trigger multiple forms.

Stopped accepting responses on the Form, edited the answers and added one new question (email address). Turned form back on (allow responses), Reactivated FormRedirector, generated new spreadsheets based on the new answers.

Unfortunately, one piece of info not on the initial form (column for email address) is not duplicating out to the new sheets, even though everything is updated. Help?

Is it possible to uninstall the Form Redirector from a form once it has been enabled? I messed up the initial installation, so if I can remove it and put it back on, that would save me from having to copy the form and start over with all my collaborators. Thanks!

I have a question. I found this add-on and looks interesting and might solve my problem. I have 6 identical forms for gathering information at our schools. Can I make the second sheet for redirecting answers for each form to one specific sheet so that one sheet becomes a place where all 6 will be together? I assume this only works for submissions going forward?

In multi-destination mode, I see that you choose a location and a question. Does that mean that you can say break down the main response sheet by say teacher and it will create another sheet based on the column labeled teacher if that is the column chosen?

Also, can multi and single mode both be run at the same time so that a master and a teacher sheet are also created with the response form?

Hi all. Used Form ReDirector and wanted to use CopyDown on the generated spreadsheets. Unfortunately, CopyDown wants to link a Form...e.g. it does not recognize that there is a form feeding the spreadsheet and thus I can't use the copyDown add-on. I have a ton of use cases for Form Redirector but without copyDown....near impossible! Thoughts? Does something need to be done on the Form ReDirector side or the copyDown side?

Please make them play nice!


I love the add on but it does not seem to pick up the Score information if the form is a quiz, is there a way to include the score in the spreadsheets that it creates.
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