Hi all! Anyone using the app with ID students? 

I was in MN for work looking at some of the neat things our neighbors are doing and we got some time to show the MN folks some of our tools we utilize in WI and we showed them the Transiton APP and they loved it. Makes you feel good about your work and glad to have shared a resource with our friends in MN. 

I used the app with the student (who has ID) to fill out for his upcoming IEP. This was still challenging in parts, but also more motivating for him to do on a computer. It will correlate really well to completing his PTP I-8 on the IEP paperwork we need to do and feel like it can be used as an up to date transition assessment.

Just got the app and have perused I think it will be a good tool to get the students more involved and interested in their own IEP, education, and future. 

Hey all! Does anyone have the Snap and Read program? I just saw someone present on it and LOVED the option to simplify language. If you have it, would you be willing to try it with some students that still may struggle with some of the vocabulary? It's SO COOL!

I've used the app with a variety of students. It has been easy to use and students and staff find it a much easier way to talk about the student's future. The ability to select choices helps keep the discussion going and makes it easier for students to ask questions, gather information, and make a better choices. 

Hi All!
I am looking forward to working with districts to help support the use of the app with students and families. What a great way to have students self direct their PTPs!!

Wonderful tool! Used it once last week and planning to do it today with another student with an upcoming IEP. I look forward to sharing this with others in my district! Thanks!

I'm looking forward to working with schools and the use of the new Application. I am very excited about this for youth, parents, agencies and schools. 

HI all! Who has been using the app since the TCN meeting last week? So good to see you all and can't wait to hear how youth use the app/online link. Hoping iTunes and PlayStore come soon!
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