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At C² Racing, we rely on the APEX Pro Digital Driving Coach (DDC) to help us shave time off our lap times. The DDC is a sensitive Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) with integrated accelerometers, gyroscopes, and a GPS that analyzes your car and the track and provides the driver instant feedback on how much the maximum capability of the car is being utilized. To learn more and to get your own DDC at its lowest price ever, go to

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Had an AMAZING time driving Road America this past Monday with HOD. What a track, and what an experience. I keep closing my eyes and going back around the track in my head :-)

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Louisville auto racing is less than 24 hours away...

KYRSCCA 2014 - Points Event #2
Kentucky Fairgrounds Expo Center
- April 27th

Come drive, come support, bring a friend or five. Drive Fast!

See you there in the morning!

With the Cob Web Shaker Event out of the way, we are ready for our Points Event Season to begin. We will be out on Grade Lane, Louisville, Kentucky on April 6th, 2014 @ 9am

Event Links :

Video :

Autocross Louisville Kentucky 2011

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Just joined the community. Does anyone here track with trackdaze? If so, see u @ the newly paved and widen VIR.

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We are on for this Sunday, March 30th
Our first event was cancelled due to weather conditions, but we are on for this coming Sunday with our annual Cob Web Shaker event. We are bursting with anticipation to get this new season started.

Modified car... come on down. Have a factory stock car ? Don't fret, we have stock racing classes that you can compete in also. 

The cost to race is $40 for non SCCA members and $30 for members. The only thing better than racing, is racing with your friends there to cheer you on. There is no cost to spectate.

For more information :

See you at the race!

Novices and first timers should check out this link:

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Готовимся к новому сезону.

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Coverage from Redline Time Attack Round#1

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