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Welcome all ... ok guess I ought try to find my way around a bit huh ?

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PLease sign and share this petition - it affects all small business owners who want to sell digital products.

Thought I introduce myself. I am originally a journalist and have several businesses - well I am what you call a portfolio worker. I offer PR, teach German via skype or for youngsters in Cardiff, but most importantly I design jewellery.If you are interested in links to my business websites - let me know -  don't want to spam anyone. Oh and I am cray about cats - esp. about our mog Bobby. Cats feature a lot in my work.

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I know there's only 14 members so far, but it may be a good start for us all to circle each other to support each other.

Rather than circle individually, G+ has a nifty circle share feature.  If you're on a desktop (not mobile) you'll see the "Add People" button.  Click and you'll circle all the people at once.

Coo-ee chaps :-)

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