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Hey guys! As some of you may be aware, we are fast approaching an extremely busy time of year for myself with the return of many shows starting this month.  I have been struggling somewhat already to balance my commitments, and and have therefore made the sad decision to shut down this community for the time being.

The main site over on Spoiler TV will continue to cover any spoilers for the show of course, and can be found here - 

I do plan to continue the rewatch that we have been running, so that part of the community will stay here for now for those who wish to carry on with that.

I want to thank you all for your support and contributions over the last year, I'm sure that you will all agree that the Musketeer fandom is a great community to be a part of. 

I've sent a poll out to the regular rewatch peeps for episode 3.05 next week. I'll be sending one out for Sunday's rewatch soon. If I've missed anyone out give me a prod! xx

I have sent a poll out to the regular rewatch people re: ep 3.03 this week. If you haven't received a notification, then you should be able to see it by clicking on my profile and it will be on my page for you to see if you are one of the regulars. Let me know if I've missed anyone out, I am a bit ditzy today!!

I've been away, which is why I've not been able to get an event made up for tonight rewatch. I will be home later this evening, however I thought it would be best to quickly leave a message now to say that the episode 3.02 rewatch is still planned for 8pm tonight rather than wait until I return and can get an official event notice up.

I'm sorry I haven't got this week's rewatch thread up, I think I did let everyone who came the last couple of weeks know we were on to the final two episodes of S2 now. That should lead us nicely into 3 hopefully.

So, 2.09 tonight at 8pm if you can make it. It will be great to see you xx

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As some people are having problems with not receiving their notifications correctly, I have made a few screenshots which will hopefully help.

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I've just sent out the poll to the members that come to the weekly episode rewatch, so please check your account if that is you.  Thanks!

Just wondering if there is a rewatch tomorrow night - 14/2/16.  Cannot remember what we said last time and as i haven't received a notification or seen a post on here about it  so i wasn't sure.  Thanks

So sorry, I thought I'd made a post about tonight's rewatch but just realised that I didn't! I hope you can all make it though xx

I haven't has time to add a full event yet this week for the rewatch, my personal life is a tad chaotic at present. It's still to go ahead as usual thou. I should be home this evening and will get a set of event details up then.
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