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Successful fundraisers share common approaches
One reason that contributes to the increase in its popularity is the fundraising effectiveness attributed to the use of CRM. Although the presence of technology does not in itself guarantee increased revenue a study by Find Accounting Software and the Association of Fundraising Professionals found that there is a definite technological profile of a successful fundraiser.

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What Does Predictive Lead Scoring Mean for Your Business?
Using intelligence to identify and predict quality leads
The success of any business relies upon one, simple variable: leads. These are those prospects that you’re reaching out to in the hopes that they will visit your site, purchase your product, or even venture into your actual store, but good quality leads are vitally important because they generate revenue which is what keeps your business alive and thriving.
One of the most important factors in keeping your business alive and profitable is to identify leads that are likely to turn into revenue. Additionally, you want to avoid spending too much in the identification process so your ROI is at its maximum. A wildly helpful concept when identifying quality leads is using a predictive scoring tool or process.

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The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust (EPT) was awarded a Google Ad Grant, giving us $10,000 worth of free online advertising per month, to promote the website’s pages and help us reach a larger audience. We use all that monthly budget, and continue to optimise and maximise our use of the grant. I’d like to explain how and why we structured our ad campaigns, and give you some useful tips on using Adwords effectively.

I came from the family traditional of pastoralists and I grew up moving around with the family cattle when I was at 5 years old.
My parents told me that I must leave the school and get married.
Despite of having a little age of 12 years I failed refuse them and they forced me to go married with old man of 61 years.

At the age of 14 years I had the baby of my first born known Eva Saning’o who was born in 1997 at Arash Loliondo at Ngorongoro District and she is studying at Emanyata Secondary school for Form four.
Two years later’ in 1999 I had the second born baby called happy Saning’o who was born at Arash Village in Loliondo-Ngorongoro District where she is studying Embriwai Secondary at
wa s helped by the first pastoralist organization in Tanzania
She completed her secondary education in Dar as Salaam and continued to study for a diploma for two years.
The Irish Embassy then sponsored her to go to Ireland and study for a further diploma in Development Studies.

After completing her studies in Ireland she returned to Northern Tanzania to work for a Maasai community organization.
Although she enjoyed her work, Maanda realised that there was an urgent need for an organization led and managed by Maasai women, dedicated to addressing their strategic and practical needs.

She wanted to assist girls in the same situation as she herself had once been, desperate for an education but unable to access one.
In 1997, at a meeting with nine other women, she founded Pastoral Women’s Council and has led the organization since then.

In its early years, PWC focused on senstisation:
Informing local communities of PWC’s purpose, aims and potential long-term benefits.
Women’s action groups were then initiated by PWC.

These women’s groups were the main channels for PWC’s work, and they formed an executive committee that was responsible for visiting various women’s groups and organizing meetings in most localities.
At this time, the role of the PWC was as a forum for women to meet to discuss issues affecting them individually and collectively, as a community.
Educating women, facilitating their meetings and analysing the practical and strategic needs that were articulated was an important step in the establishment of PWC and developing a sense of ownership.
PWC helped women open up, talk freely, and make decisions based on their wants and needs.
This led to the development of projects based directly on women’s priorities and women’s decisions, building their confidence and enabling them to begin to realize their potential. Today the organisation has a membership of approximately 3,000 women, who may be both individual members and corporate members in the form of women’s action groups or savings and credit associations (SACCOS).

In the last few years Maanda attended Kenyatta University in Nairobi and fulfilled her dream of gaining a degree in Environmental Studies. In 2009 the Paul K. Feyerabend Foundation awarded her the “Paul K. Feyerabend Prize - A World of Solidarity is Possible”. The prize acknowledges and encourages remarkable accomplishments, which represent true sources of inspiration.

In 2013 Maanda was one of the nominees for The Guardian International Development Achievement Award. The Guardian International Development Achievement Award aims to recognise the unsung heroes of international development. These are people whose work is or has made a profound contribution to the alleviation of poverty, working above and beyond the call of duty to make a difference.

Copyright 2006-2016 – Pastoral Women’s Council (PWC). PWC is a Tanzanian registered charity
Powered by
Pastoral Women's Council PWC Tanzania

“Irealized that I’m economically poor but very rich in terms of the great dreams tomake great improvement of the economic situation ofour families to contribute into a positive change in the economic and social life in my Arash village and beyond.”

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There are many clear-cut benefits of volunteer management software that your nonprofit organization can utilize to improve volunteer relationships, optimize your organization’s internal process, free up your volunteer coordinators time, and convert more volunteers to donors.

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I have a quick request for you:

We just launched our Facebook Group: The Wild Apricot Membership Tribe. I think this is a great opportunity for you to connect with hundreds of nonprofits, so I'd love for you to join:

Everyone in this group will be dedicated to supporting one another and sharing tips on how to grow and run a membership organization. I’m inviting you along with Wild Apricot's 20,000 other customers, so there’s going to be a lot of great discussion!

The group is already full of top experts like Beth Kanter, John Haydon, Amy Sample Ward, and many more, who are ready to share their strategies and help you manage your membership the best way possible.
Excited to see you there :)

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I'm working with a nonprofit that recently absorbed other organizations. Within one umbrella, they provide financial assistance, a food bank (converting more to a co-op model), and a furniture bank.

Are there any existing database or web app solutions you've had success with that track the services, goods, and funds an individual has received, as well as all metadata and demographic information on that individual/family? We want to avoid the overly-complex, kitchen-sink solutions like Salesforce, anything Blackbaud, etc.

Appreciate any ideas!
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