Seeing this as an cat Rp community I will try to find my cat and take a picture then make a profile

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My cat .3.

Cute pic

Thanks for the invite

tɦɛ քօstɛʀ օʄ tɦɨs ċօʍʍʊռɨtʏ ɨs aʍaʐɨռɢ
ʋɛʀʏ ċօօt-

I'm a fire clan...

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~Remake of Frozenwing's profile for this community~

Name: Frozenwing
Age: 18 moons
Gender: Female
Rank: Warrior

Mother: Unknown (Forgot)
Father: Unknown (Forgot)
Siblings: Unknown (Forgot)
Mate: Shade (not my OC)
Kits: Unknown (They didn't have names yet)

Hunting: 9/10
Fighting: 7/10
Swimming: 5/10
Climbing: 8/10

Speed: 8/10
Agility: 8/10
Hearing: 9/10
Scenting: 9/10

Personality: Kind, cheerful, determined, attentive, experienced.

Credits: Picture not mine. OC is mine.

I'm sorry i had to put in a lot of unknowns since i forgot who her family tree is. She had kits in the past with a rogue in my community so her mate's OC isn't mine. I hope this is okay as some basic information.


Frozenwing sat on a flat rock in the clearing, letting her gentle gaze sweep across the clearing. She watched the cats of her clan share tongues, the kits playing, the elders telling old stories that pasted down generations of cats and the few hunting patrols come back from their sun down shift. She sighed, slowly shutting her eyes as the warm sun rained down on her pelt.

Nightsky sat in a tree that hung over the clearing. She looked down at all of her clanmates until you.. {OPEN RP}

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~Meow Who wants this cat~ ~I sure do~


~Age:6 years old~


~personalities: shy,Quiet,And wants to be alone~

~Talents:Standing on one foot and speaking like humans~
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