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This is a real discussion, so....
Everyone knows the not-very-new Reaper class for Elin only, Gunner class for High Elf and Castanic Female only, and a new upcoming class which is not very new called Brawler for Human Female only.
Yes, usually gender locks can be annoying, but I really like Brawler, it's one of my favs, next to Archer.
Gunner isn't so interesting, it's basicaly an over-powered gun, and Reaper has lvl limitations, so yeah, but Brawler seems very good to me.
I want to know what do YOU think about Brawler. Forget the fact it's gender locked, I want to know what do you think about the class in general.
Yes, Human Male seems more fitting, I won't deny it, but in the end, Brawler seems good.
Express your thoughts, I would like to hear it. ^^

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So, that's why it feels like Bluehole is neglecting us... I didn't realize they were doing that one too. 

Anyone want to play Tera with me?

I'm Jurisho and in Celestial Hills. I'm also Valetchka in said server. And I might switch characters but I'll mainly stay on Jurisho. We can set up a party n stuff... Just tell me who you are first~

I have a quick question. What are all these floating castles in the sky? I used to play tera 3 years ago but i don't remember them being there...?

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New Brawler video now up I see.....

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Well I figured I've been a part of this google community long enough and still haven't said hi. So hi everyone.

I've been playing Tera since closed beta and even though I take the occasional break, the combat and community always seems to draw me back in.

Here's a pic of my main "Fading" she's a 65 slayer on Tempest Reach.
Fell free to add her or any of my other 65's:

Turbulance --> Lancer
Serinitys.Blade --> Warrior
Loli.Unchained --> Reaper
Trigger.Knight --> Gunner
Naturally --> Priest
Simple.Soul --> Archer

See you all in game!

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Interesting... Brawler will make Lancers (even more) redundant I hear?

My friend and I are new to the game, we want to farm avatar weapons. Does anyone know the best/fastest way to get them? Can someone also tell me the stats on a sorcerer's and gunner's avatar weapons?

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Meet Midna Lavellan my elf gunner who just got to level 65 :D enjoy
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Blood or death accessories or mix of both 2 blood and rest is death ?
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