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Trading Academy is an education company that provides education to professional traders regarding trading on financial markets.
Trading Academy teaches its students a rule-based strategy for trading in the financial markets. Classes usually tackle various topics ranging from day trading stocks to Forex, stock options, and futures trading. The students work with instructors to review market condition, breakdown complex charts, and learn specific trading techniques. A hands-on trading approach is used to reinforce the concepts taught in class. Additionally, Online Trading Academy reviews other brokers, products, and services, and continually provides this information to students and graduates.
Your opportunities
-Work at home
- Academy Online via our Platform  or via Skype . ID: Abelalainmaster1
-Tuition fees 500 $
- Study time: Two weeks Due to an hour and half per day.
NB:  At the end of the training you get 500 Dollars in a real account.
Using this real account you can already work!!

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It is important to have an idea of trading bases _)

Webinar about how to make money on financial market online at 12h00 GMT +2  Use this link to access the conference free!
You can just instruct your name to access it!

Forex News Trade of the Day for February 25th ,2015 AUD/USD

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FOREX webinar with tatyana!
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