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(Those who met my friend, DeSoto Saint Paul, I'm a friend of his... I'm using his oc in memory. He was a really good man, and best friend...)

Name: DeSoto Redfield

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Likes: Military stuff, training, working out, spending time with his transgender baby sister and his parents, animals, the family cat Turtleshell and his Husky Bailey.

Dislikes: Disrespectful people, leaving his sister defenseless, animal cruelty, and bullies.

Family: His father Chris Redfield, his mother Jill Redfield, his husky Bailey, the family Calico Cat Turtleshell, and his baby sister Jamie Redfield.

Hobbies: Drawing Tribal Snow Leopard tattoos, teaching his sister to fight as self defense, training his dog for the military K9 unit, playing guitar.

Bio: Unknown
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Any one want to rp? Here are some of characters and plot ideas! I can play Seme, seke, or uke!

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∆∆ Trap Roleplay! Beware! ∆∆

Demons and Angels had been seperated for longer than a century. After the war, their two worlds were shut out from each other, one race never to make contact with the other.
One day, while walking on the edge of a town, [Y/N] smelled something unusual. Something sweet, like honey. An angel. Quickly, they scurried to where the scent came from.
Angels were delicious creatures, they were said to be completely innocent. According to little legends, if a demon got the chance to take the purity of the angel, the pure being would become attached, and would only want more. But they say that the best feeling in the world was taking the purity of an angel, and that the being would be very sensitive, moaning with the slightest touch.
[Y/N] Followed the scent, finding someone sitting at the edge of a creek. A petite, small little angel. [Y/N]...


•Nothing unwilling

•No gore, scat, piss, etc...

•5+ lines!

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Dominik Lyldrin. He was known as his school's main dork. With a small group of friends, he would play Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft, and other fantasy based games. One night, one of Dominik's friends brought a book to his house. It was a large, dusty book, and it's pages had started to rot and mold. Besides the awful appearance of the book, it smelled amazing. The smell reminded Dominik of red wine and cheese cake. His friend claimed that the book was magical and wanted Dominik to test it out.

Dominik took the book from his friend and walked down, into his basement. There, he lit candles, set the book on a table, and began to read. "As you start to read this book, it will listen to your thoughts. You must read this entire chapter, or your worst fears will come true. Read the entire chapter, and you will be rewarded like a king." Dominik was unsure about this and began to close the book, but something stopped him. His friend looked horrified and pointed behind him. When Dominik turned around, his heart skipped a beat. Directly behind him was a shadowy figure, with ram horns and a long, demonic tail. "Finish the chapter." It spoke with what sounded like multiple voices. Terrified, Dominik continued reading. Before he reached the last word of the chapter, there was a sharp sting in his neck, and he passed out. Before his eyes closed, he saw his friend run out of the basement, leaving him behind.

Dominik woke up in an entirely different world. Two suns lit up the sky and the creature from his basement, picked him up. "You will be rewarded, Dominik, but not like a king. You almost shut the book." The creature growled and shoved Dominik against a tree. "Wait here..." It then walked away, leaving Dominik alone. Soon, the two suns went down and strange howling and growling noises came from every direction. Dominik started shaking with fear, and he was suddenly picked up, bridal position, by something. Tired, Dominik could only notice elve ears on the creature holding him. Then he passed out again.

((This could go many different ways: A romance could form between them, or the Elve could make Dominik his slave. It's all up to you. Dominik is a seke/uke. I'd prever if a Seme role played this with me, but a seke would be fine. I ask for no text talk, no one-sentenced replies, and please try to be descriptive. Thank you.))
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Ray Takamon


Mental age







•Eye color•

•Hair color•

•Body art•


☆About me☆
I'm very shy..i..I blush easily..I like being dominated...I'm short and small...I live with my mom...and look like my father

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Name: Giovani Juan Carlos de la Teresa Trujillo-Hernández
Position: Seke
Age: 16
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 138 lbs
Birthdate: December 25th
Body Build: Athletic
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair: Black
Nationality: Mexican/Italian
Languages: Spanish, Italian and English
Personality: Calm and collected. Is very caring, but does not show it in a way considered normal.
Health Concerns: None
Bio: Giovani, grew up in Colima, Mexico. Towards the power side of town with his 12 siblings including himself. His father was a man of low standards and his mother was sick in bed. Time went on and he learned to work alongside his siblings and survive with their father who was constantly in trouble with other men for reasons. Later on when he was about 12 his mother passed. He continued on with life and eventually made it too studying abroad in his High School years. By making money through the family buisiness.
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(Slave x master yaoi) you were sitting in the crowd in an auction were slaves are sold to there new masters person:"ok next up is tim hes a very obedient neko and hes 19 years old this will be his 10th master so he knows the rules and that there will be new ones to fallow so who will give me 200 dollars"


NICKNAME:tim, timmy/




BIRTHDAY:November 26/

LIKES: people (who are nice) drawing, anime, baking, cats, dogs, playing games/

DISLIKES: people who are mean, getting hurt,spiders, snakes, being alone (having the feeling of being alone),  stressed, /
SEXUALLATY(yes I know I spent that wrong im sorry):gay just gay straight as a oval

FEARS:cages, the dark, clowns/

FAVORITE FOOD:cupcakes and cookies/


FAVORITE THING:his pick stuffed teddy bear/

LEAST FAVORITE THING:being picked on or bullied

PERSONALITYlity:extremely childish

LOOKS:bright big baby blue eyes with matching hair color cat ears and tail with a blue shirt and jeans

Thx fore the invite ♡♡

Why was invited here?
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