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Med-Tronik RM-10S Unit w/accessories and tooth testing (original price $1,750) asking $975 

High quality, Germain made, Voll acupuncture point medication testing unit, for electro-acupuncture assessment and therapy, meridian and acupoints sedation and tonification, galvanic flooding. Can measure stress level of specific internal organs. via acupuncture points. 

- Excellent condition, never used, keep in storage 
- Unit is portable and ideal for travel
- great addition for acupuncturists, naturopaths, nutritionists and homeopaths
- Allergy, food and supplement testing
- Good for internal health assessment, testing bio-energetic condition, measuring impact and progress of detoxification and balancing treatments

Contact Domenic Falcone at or (610)-392-6794
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Hey, I just joined.  There's a mostly defunct ACCHS FB page.  Jen Williams twisted my arm and got me to actually make a Facebook page on cuz of it.  Might be good to cross reference, I know some of the others are on there (and prolly forgot about it).

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Alumni - know anyone who is considering studying TCM? YOU - our graduates - are our best "advertisement." We've extended the application and have several slots available in the incoming cohort. Please share widely.

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Movin' on up! ACCHS is exploring new digs in the downtown area. This prospective location offers additional space for classrooms, events, and clinic and is closer to BART -- more convenient and secure for students, patients, and faculty alike. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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Has everyone checked out the new Website? What do you think? Your feedback is appreciated. We're still working the bugs out of the theme. Then we'll be revising the navigation and content. 

If you would like to make a post, comment here and I'll contact you! It can cover business, practice - pitch something and share your knowledge with your fellow alum!

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Dr. Huang Huang delivered a continuing education workshop on 2/12/13. Here's a short clip about his diagnostic method. Enjoy!

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Greetings! Let's have some fun with this. I've made it a public group. I will update the profile later this week. Suggestions for a tag line are welcome.

Also, please invite students you teach or mentor to participate, as well as alum friends. The Hangout feature can enable remote impromptu conversations and teaching-learning sessions.

Hi all! I'm so excited about this alumni forum. I can't thank everyone enough for helping their alma mater lurch forward in terms of community and alumni development. I'm anxious to roll up my sleeves and help our alumni with workshops, seminars, and practice building!
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