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Happy Thanksgiving to all our Customers , Friends and Family !
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Getting Engagement on Google+

This is a good piece from +Irfan Ahmad, based crunching through some 9 million posts from nearly 10,000 profiles.

Lots of great data an infographics, so it's worth reading the original article in the link above. Here are the three key takeaways:

1. Link dropping (i.e. sharing links with less than 100 characters) is a definite pitfall with low engagement across all metrics for success.

2. Photo posts (including GIFs) and adding more than 100 characters is the winning formula for interaction. As photos with more than 100 characters get 182% more comments, 153% more +1s, and 92% more reshares than posts with less than 100 characters.

3. Text only posts (above or below 100 characters) are worthwhile for both +1s and comments but not reshares.

Somewhat ironically, I found this via a tweet from +Ray Hiltz  on Twitter, that led to a pin on Pinterest that then led to this article. ;-)

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