walks over the tundra alone enjoying the peace. i take a deep breathe and smile at my freedom


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Name: Shawn
Age: 3 years
Gender: male
Likes: walks, exploring, wandering, hunters (sometimes)
Dislikes: hunters, being hunted, etc
Pups: one
Powers: unknown
Rank: loner
Mate: none​
Bio: not much to tell

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Name: Mia

I was walking in the forest outside of your packs grounds when you saw me and...

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|| •Name• ||

|| •NickNames• ||

|| •Age• ||
19 Moons
2/Half Years

|| •Gender• ||

|| •Species• ||

|| •Sexuality• ||

|| •Abilities• ||
Can Fly
Can Teleport

|| •Pups or Mates• ||
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Name: Silver
Gender: female
Age: 16... 17 in November
Personality: cheeky, funny, frisky and quiet.
Pecking order level: I'm an alpha of my own pack but was originally a lone wolf

My breed is a pure wolf, I'm an orphan, I have no pups... Nor a mate

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Hello this is Silver Wolf speaking I'm doing a roleplay and I have 5 characters up and ready at the moment they are...

- Painter- the African wild dog
I'm so happy I could explode
How could you be so mean
Sad Nobody likes me... But why

Ace the red Fox
Oh yeah I'm AWESOME
Oh YOU make me mad
(sad )
How could you betray me like that

- Hetalia - hyena
I'm going to kill you
Happy is my middle name
Cries.. why me no one can save me now

-Dusty-the dingo
I am dusty not rusty the dingo
Hahaha my bite is bigger than my bark
I know when I'm not wanted

Jack the jackel
Hi my name is Jack the jackel
You messed with the wrong dog
Please love me ... I need someone to be my friend

Once you have voice recorded email me at chillywolfvolleyball10778@gmail.com


Copy the link onto this post

good luck

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Name: Gloria
Gender: Female
Breed: White wolf
Mate: none
Cub/pups: none
Bio: My name is Gloria. I am Beta Female. I was beta female in my former pack but the alpha female was jealous of my beauty so she kicked me out of the pack.
Powers: I can see the future and read minds
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+Shadow Zone Wolf can i post a link to my roleplay community here ?

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hello guys i've created a new community where you can be an wolf, werewolf, dragon, dragon-wyvern or a dragonwolf the community is pretty new and it would be cool if you join^^
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