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This is one of the first animations I ever made and thought it would be fun to dig it up and serve it fresh. I created this in Flash back in 2003 while attending the Academy Of Art in San Francisco. This is a dramatized account of actual events involving myself and the family cat Dante. I would like to dedicated this video to Dante, who passed on May 26, 2012, around 4:30 PM. I miss you buddy.

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You can learn to Animate!
Get some tips on how to make a 16 Bit style animation you can put on your own YouTube channel!
This is the first video in our How We Made it series where we will show you how we made the Fluffy Rainbow Butterfly Kitty 16 Bit Jam. We will use Photoshop and After Effects to create a 16 Bit style image which can be sized up for video without losing those sharp edges.
Please show your support by subscribing to our channel if this video helped you bring your own creations to life. Leave a like and tell us your ideas for something you would like to learn or even an idea for our next animation.

#tutorial #how-to #photoshop #after effects #16 Bit animation #fluffy rainbow butterfly unicorn kitty

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Let's kick this community off with an image from our first animation.
#fluffyrainbowbutterflyunicorn #caturday #rainbowcat #16bit #animation
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