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Nursing - Risk for Musculoskeletal Disorders-

The American Nurses Association Handle with Care campaign is intended to develop and implement a proactive, multi-faceted plan to promote the issue of safe patient handling and the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders among nurses in the U.S. A Profession at Risk of Musculoskeletal Disorders – Facts.

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The Benefits of Horticultural Therapy in Residents with Dementia-

The prevalence of dementia is estimated to be from three to 11% in community dwellings of elderly older than 65 years of age and up to 47% in long-term care residents.

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Nursing Inspiration - And Then God Created NICU Nurses-

This week we take a look at what makes NICU Nurses so special. This Week's Video: And then God Made NICU Nurses.

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Cultural Competence in Nursing Part 2-

In part one of this series, we identified three strategies that nurses can best serve patients from different cultural backgrounds. Now we will discuss three more ways nurses can develop competence in nursing in order to provide the best quality of care:-

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E-Mayday® Super Smart Shell is an almost universal smartphone shell which allows incremental sensors to primarily register body health measures in order to have e-video appointments with MD’s.

It is complemented by a range of accessories which includes: the high security SD Card, Endoscope accessories and camera, Blood pressure measuring devices.

The product will be sold in 4 colors silver metallic, pink metallic, golden metallic and deep black.

The application will be included as well as an ion battery, a USB cable to recharge, and the following sensors:

-Blood Glucose meter
-Blood Pressure measuring
-Endoscope Connector
-Coming next week

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Hospital Readmission History is a Valid Measure of Skilled Nursing Quality-

When an elderly loved one is discharged from a hospital to a skilled nursing facility (SNF), the family's hope is that they will get good care that will allow them to return home rather than poor care that requires a return trip to the hospital.-

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5 Ways to Avoid Medication Errors-

According to the American Nurses Association (2017), medication errors are one of the leading causes of injury to hospital patients. In many cases, medication errors are preventable, and it requires skillful nursing judgement to identify errors and potential risks before they happen.

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Nursing Inspiration - The Singing Nurse-

We will present weekly nursing videos, that we hope will revive and inspire your spirit.This week's story: The Singing Nurse at Valencia Hospital Soothes the Suffering -

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Workplace Bullying Quiz

You have the right to be treated with respect and dignity in the workplace. Sometimes it is difficult to determine if you are being bullied at work. This short quiz includes a sample of issues you may be experiencing. If you answered ‘often’ or 'sometimes’ to some of the items on the quiz, you are probably the target of a workplace bully. Bullying can affect all aspects of your life as well as the safety of your clients. With education and practice, you can to learn how to successfully deal with bullying.

This reference correlates to the online continuing education course Healthcare Bullying Solutions.

Download a printable copy of the
Workplace Bullying Quiz Poster

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