What dose the Dedric Gaunlets do?

Name: Fen Dwiin
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Nord
Likes: Weapons, armor, magic, eating meat, Stormcloaks, slaying dragons, hunting, fighting, swimming, helping people, exploring   
Dislikes: The Dedric princes, bandits, draugers, Necromancers, Imperials, the Thalmor
Side I'm on: Stormcloaks
 Armor: Steel Armor (full suit)
Weapons: Steel sword, steel shield, steel greatsword, enhanced crossbow (steel bolts)
Magic: Flames, firebolt, healing, frostbite, ice spike, lesser ward
Personality: Kind, easy going, fair minded, fearless, friendly
Kingdom I live in: Windhelm
Bio: I was born and raised in Skyrim, when I was a child, my mother, father and little sister were taken from me by the Empire, a Stormcloak took me in and trained me to fight Imperial so that I could be strong enough to find my family
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