I found bootzee while looking for an IDE for my new Chromebook. I use Brackets as my dev environment on my Windows machine, and bootzee is an excellent replacement for it. I would love to see more modules in the future, like Angular, Git integration, Grunt perhaps. Other than that, I love this app and I wish there was some more current news!

The visual editor should be improved, so one could drag and drop Bootstrap predefined wells jumbotrons, different buttons, inputs, and other controls into the document.

I'm not talking about absolute positioning, jost dropping them into the right place, and then using css for positioning.

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How do you add the js script?

Hello, can you please approve my template? It is called stunning-template.bootzee.com.

can the ace editor be setup to use vim keybindings?

Hello! How I can make private my site in bootzee.com ?

How do i connect the ccs to the page?
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