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Welcome to this new community on Google+. I'm JoAnn and your host. I have been consciously working with DNA Activation since 1988.  I have guided thousands of people through the many aspects of this journey using our multidimensional soundscapes and look forward to interacting with this group. 

Please begin your connections with this group by adding a brief post in our Introductions category.

DNA Thought of the Day: It is time for you to regain access to your core control system, your DNA. Using sound is the ideal carrier wave to establish resonance through the dimensional realms of the cells, to the body temple, to the consciousness and to the Soul. Engage Intentionally! #DNAvatar #DNAactivation

Surrounding you all the time are filaments of potential, hidden in places that your conscious has been trained not to look into. As you expand your frequency spectrum and learn to engage more deeply into the matrix of life you can navigate these potentials and bring them forth into manifestations based on your intentions and actions. Your DNA resonates with these filaments and await the experience of coalescence. #DNAvatar #DNAactivation

DNA Thought of the Day: If the Universe is indicating that it is time for you to move on and let go of things/places/people in your life that you have established long term connections with, yet it/their vibrational matrix is no longer supportive of your evolving light, then you have to trust the new flows of energy to guide you towards a higher manifestation experience. Drop into the changes and the flows within the music, especially through the more angular and abrupt shifts, as this exercises and trains your bioenergetic field to adjust to the changes in the 3D world that come at you each day. DNA.L2 series is best for this type of work as it presents the needed jolts to move you from the hardened grooves of complacency. #DNAvatar #DNAactivation

DNA Thought of the Day: If you truly follow your consciousness to the deepest place within, you end up at a vibrational state that resonates with your Soul. It is at that place that the access to your DNA codex opens up to you. Of course safeguards are in place and directives are carried out in alignment with the prime directive that your body/mind/spirit stays in tact. Within that space there are programs however that can be improved upon. They can be rewritten and improved upon based on your sincere intent and the actions you take towards that manifestation. #DNAactivation   #DNAvatar  

DNA Thought of the Day: Your DNA remembers the cycles of times throughout history where there was prosperity and abundance. Tune into that visualization and drive the sensations of those frequency packets deep into the quantum layers of your DNA codex. Lay that template over this current timeline to resurrect your personal empowerment and step into this awakening reality construct, designed by your own making. #DNAactivation   #DNAvatar  

DNA Thought of the Day: Those who walk a path of #ConsciousEvolution --- A species with a sufficient level of consciousness to hold an individual soul consciously undergoes the process of evolutionary change of physical traits and/or behavior through collective decision, rather than by the evolutionary mechanisms that organisms with a lesser consciousness are restricted to. #DNAactivation #DNAvatar

Hi...I am so happy and greatful to be here with you all beautiful souls, in this group. I am a reiki practitioner and always interested in DNA activation.
I have been always looking for a solution to unplug me from the consciousness that may be controlling my life, and I may not even be aware of it, to clear out our belief systems, so can be free from Ancestral karma.
I hope it is the same one I need to, and I can learn more about this nice and wonderful system.

Thank you
Love and Blessings 😊 🙏 🙏 🙏

DNA Thought of the Day: Creativity becomes spontaneous ritual, transmutation and gnosis in a living sea of flowing information . Creativity becomes a powerful Teacher as we learn and transform by action, for this allows more and more of the muses of our inner essence to emerge into perceived reality . Our living devotion, to ourselves and to the magic within all things, opens portals into the
sacredness of the worlds of Light around us . This brings waves of increasing novelty and the gifts of expanded awareness into all our realms . In this intent, in this playful exchange, we offer the focused generation of life affirming magic and synchronistic events. #DNAactivation   #DNAvatar  

DNA Thought of the Day: If you start to understand the reality that you experience and each event in that reality as a range of frequencies, you will understand the deeper implications of using these soundscapes to assist in your current evolutionary processes. Rather than spending a lot of time working out what might be called karmic issues in the realms of 3D, which can take a long time, even lifetimes for some people; you can move this process to the energetic realms and shapeshift through the blocks/places of resistance/energy cysts much more quickly and smoothly. Let the sounds guide you into these spaces of darkness and of course, always remember to bring your flashlight. #DNAvatar #DNAactivation
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