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We decided that we couldn't wait any longer. Long Run is now Available to download from the Google Play Store right now! Search for 2D Tap Studios or follow this link here: 

No problems so far on my S4, with CM nightlies.

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A small preview of one of the new features that will be available in Long Run Beta 1.05. if you are struggling with the touch controls you can now switch to our button layout which will allow you to jump and slide using on screen buttons

I found another bug you guys might not be aware about. When i am about to press the combo in order to kill the guard the first 2 directions are one on top of the other and its confusing. Also sometimes when i restart the game there is a laser wall with no room to jump over it or slide under it and thus it results into me dying wether i like it or not. Finally some of the coins are unreachable even if i jump...
Hope this helps ^^

+2D Tap Studios i am having issues with the game. For some wierd reason when i open the app it shows the 2D Tap Studios logo but then it rotates the screen like i am holding the device upwards and it freezes there :(

I downloaded the game yesterday and i must say i am glad i decided to be a beta tester cause it is so much fun! I personally love the whole concept, the fact that u need to press the right buttons to defeat the guards and the graphics are in a very good level. I do believe that the items are a little bit pricey and the controls need to be a little more responsive. Other than that i didnt find anything wrong with it :D
Hope this helps!

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