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1. No spam posts (resharing from the community back to it) unless reposted to rp with another member. Absolutely no chain posts (any post asking for reshares). Posts asking for likes or follows also fit into this category. No exceptions will be made to this rule and it will result in immediate ban.You may advertise another community, but ask first and send the community in question in a pp so I can be sure that it is appropriate before agreeing to it. Only active members may advertise. No off topic posts of any sort are allowed.

2. No bullying outside of rp. Racisim will not be tolerated at all. Put downs to the LGBTQ community, religions (any or none) or nationalities will result in ban.

3. Two canon characters per member. Ocs are unlimited.

4. Make a profile before starting/joining rp using the template in the comments. You may add extra information to the profile if you wish, but a basic profile must include everything on the template. A photo is acceptable for appearance. A wikilink is acceptable for the bio of a canon character.

5. 18+ material (even in rp) is aloved (if rp posted to intimate rp) is aloud however use a timeskil if having a relationship. breaking this rule is your ticket out of the community.

6. Swearing is allowed as long as it is not directed toward another member. If someone asks you not to swear, then refrain from using swearwords in rp with that member.

7. Make at least one profile within a week of joining the community. If you need assistance, then you may ask.

8. You may invite your friends. This is encouraged. Do not invite anyone whose profile is completely or almost completely made of chain posts or 18+ material. They will be banned. Also, do not invite anyone who is part of criminal communities such as PCA. They will be reported and banned.
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