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Could you guys please consider joining? One of best friends created this rp so it would make me happy if you could join for her! (Sorry if I'm not allowed to post this)

Am I allowed to use my Nightfury? Also her trainer is a Timelord. I just wanted to check if that was alright before I posted my profiles.

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Name: drago
Age: 12 in dragon years
Personally: kindness generous honesty loyalty and skill full
Bio: I fell into a another nest which is toothless and hiccup rise me now me and dad (which is toothless)

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+Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III purrs in remembrance of this day and nudges you as to say 'remember?'
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On the beach lonely ((Open RP. Remember I'm toothless))

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Name:bayia Tornick
Dragons name:flame
Dragons age:15
Weapon:cross bow
Dragons weapon:skin can burn u and shoots fire
Personality:playful kind hearted smart cool funny
Dragons personality:funny playful kind show off
Me and dragons likes:each other some times tuffnut and ruffnut hiccup astride toothless cloud jumper stormfly
My and dragons dislikes:drago bloodvest dragon trappers
Back story:me and flame met each other in a dark cave and we've been friends since
Things that I forgot
My Gender:female
My dragon gender:male

Sits down looking at the ocean is sad

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Type:Acid night furry
Age:10 in human years in dragon 20
personality:crazy stupid fiery playful creative night owl and determent
back story:me and toothless r not really brother and sister I just fell into the wrong nest and toothless mom took me in

Hi I need a owner if anyone wants me they can have me my name is Luna im a acid night furry

On a beach, lonely ((open RP. At school, expect long replies.))
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