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My friend didn't reshare this... A week later his body was found in the woods.

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It was Cold November Day, The Forecast had said '' Its going to be Chilly, With Hard Rain Pour'' Hiroko didn't care anyway she had to go to the Cafe anyway and Plus it was her Niece's Birthday she had to get her a Gift. Hiroko's Light brown hair was being pushed and Moved around by the Strong breeze she wondered what her Niece wanted, It couldn't be something Girlish because she was a Tomboy was it a Racecar, Some Posters she didn't  remember what Meisa wanted it Maybe a Beanie

'' This is Difficult, Erm maybe work will let my mind Pass ''
Hiroko had walked in the Cafe with her Same Natural Face 

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Name • нιяσкσ кιуσмιzυ 

Age • 16

Gender •  fємαℓє 

Height •   5'6  

Weight •   134 ℓвѕ 

Job you wish for •    мαиαgєя  

Personality •  нιяσкσ ιѕ α тѕυ∂єяє ѕнє ωιℓℓ вєαт уσυя αѕѕ ιf уσυ ριѕѕ нєя σff вυт мσѕтℓу σи тнє ιиѕι∂є ѕнє ιѕ ѕωєєт αи∂ ѕну. 

Appearance •  нιяσкσ ωєαяѕ нєя ℓιgнт вяσωи ιи α вυи αи∂ ωєαяѕ ѕωєαтєяѕ мσѕтℓу тнє ¢σℓσя ιѕ вℓυє σя ριик. σи нєя fєєт ѕнє ωєαяѕ fℓαтѕ σя вσσтѕ, ѕнє ωєαяѕ gℓαѕѕєѕ нιρѕтєя fσям   .

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Get ready to go a the Feelz Train of Anime

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Tokyo Ghoul Roleplay!!!! :DDD

Rips flesh from bone and devours it quickly

Ahhh, delicious, now to bring the rest back to Anteiku-

Doves appear at the end of the alley way

Great... A bikaku kagune slips out from behind
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