hi are you guys alive

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Just one question.

If someone stabbed your eye out BY ACCIDENT would you forgive them?
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i can write trust me


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Tag yourself

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I wrote the plot line of a generic romance anime. I'm thinking of making more "episodes" and calling it "Generic Romance Anime: The story". I have a friend who can draw anime characters AMAZINGLY and I might ask her do visuals or somethin'. Hope you like it, and let me know if I should do more!
My story so far...
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It's funny because it's true

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I had to make another edit. Sorry. ('-')
I don't have any concept art, but I have an Idea for two characters.

Name: William Lupatrem
Origin: Lupatrem is a combination of the Latin words for wolf and father- lupus and patrem
Gender: Male
Age: Seventeen
Species: Werewolf/Human
Home: Kingdom of Regnum
Relatives: Joshua Lupatrem (Brother: Alive)
Luka (Father: Possibly deceased)
Martha Lupatrem (Mother: Possibly deceased)
Relationships: Joshua Lupatrem (Brother)
James Terra (Good friend/Colleague)
Tay Inpura (King/Best friend)
Job: The Regnum Head Guard
Enemies/Rivals: Nightshade
Hobbies: Music, training, arresting criminals
Appearance: Human- Tall, dark-medium skin tone, dark brown hair, yellow eyes
Wolf- Tall, thick dark brown fur, large yellow eyes, claws
Love Interest: No one
Name: Joshua Lupatrem
Gender: Male
Age: Fifteen
Species: Werewolf/Human
Home: Kingdom of Regnum
Relatives: William Lupatrem (Brother: Alive)
Luka (Father: Possibly deceased)
Martha Lupatrem (Mother: Possibly deceased)
Relationships: William Lupatrem (Brother)
James Terra (Best friend/Colleague)
Tay Inpura (King)
Job: A Guard of Regnum
Enemies/Rivals: Nightshade
Hobbies: Dancing, goofing off, hanging out
Appearance: Human- Average height, dark-medium skin tone, red velvet hair, yellow eyes
Wolf- Somewhat tall, thick red velvet fur, large yellow eyes
Love Interest: James Terra

Tell me if I should get rid of this post. I don't mind.

ey have some shit i wrote yesterday

"I will not agree to this," Beta said, an expression of skepticism visible on him. "C'mon, I need the power, don't be such a coward," the satyr smiled, clearly wanting to aggravate him. It worked, although Beta tried not to show it.
"Nova, it could end horribly. Very horribly." Nova simply kept smiling at him, not worrying. "I know, but everything's just so boring without risks, y'know?" Beta sighed. "I still don't-" Nova's smile suddenly turned into a scowl.
"You know I don't have the time for this, Beta. You will do it. You will not refuse," she growled. Beta was surprised at the sudden anger. "Nova, do you realize how risky it could b-" he was interrupted when Nova snapped her fingers, and his mind went blank.
She hadn't wanted to do this, but it was her only choice. She had full control over him. She could now put her plan into action.

Pain. That was all the two felt. Their minds were being flipped. Literally. Nova was simply grinning through it, and Beta couldn't do anything. He had no control over his own mind or body. When the pain finally subsided, Nova looked down at her . . . himself? to see if it had worked. It had. She was, technically, now Beta, and Beta was her.
She looked over to Beta, and noticed something strange. The eye that was formerly a fake eye was now red and green, like the eyes of her new face. She suspected the left eye of this body was now a mechanical eye. "Must've messed up on something," she mumbled to herself, and snapped her fingers yet again. Beta was released from her control, and she smiled at him.
“It's done!" She said in a cheerful tone. Beta was momentarily confused, but then realized what had happened. She'd somehow taken control of him, and had switched their minds using both machines and magic. She grinned, and left the room, leaving Beta to figure out how to resolve this if it went wrong.
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