Intimidating but mild aliens.
Aquatic aliens that look like cryptids with rows of sharp teeth and full-black eyes that are actually fascinating by the science of botany and happily trill from within immense tanks when presented with textbooks on it.
Blind cave fishworm aliens that like to explore the kilometers of cavern that crisscross their lands, and won't shut up about their adventures.
And etc. but I'm currently out of ideas

A rogues gallery hijacks a spaceship and accidentally take a diplomat along with them. They crash land (because the rogues are rogues, not pilots or handymen or anyone capable of managing the ship) on a uncontacted planet. To avoid being attacked as suspicious, probably criminal aliens, they pretend to be envoys from a nonexistent League of Planets. To keep up the lie, the rogues free the diplomat on the condition that the diplomat will keep their cover.
The rogues are still inept at diplomacy, and keep thwarting the diplomat in their attempts to seem legitimate. Meanwhile, the diplomat is scheming to escape unnoticed.

A zombie apocalypse, but a really chill one from a child's pov.
The kid (now named Kiddo for ease of discussion) has a parent who actually manages post-apocalypse survival but that's all kept in the background. It's just vague enough for the setting to have a real-feeling bleakness, and thus danger, without getting overly hopeless and making the audience leave.
Also, the trope of an eternal societal collapse bugs me?
It'd never happen. People are just too stubborn to accept that. People start restructuring just hours after disasters, so why should zombies be what does the human race in?
The "apocalypse" is less about the destruction of society as it is the disconnection of it. People become insular and things _are_dirty/dangerous (no facilities to clean water, all those other lovely systems are down) but nothing is beyond saving.
I keep imagining a scene of Kiddo and Parent that'd carry one of the plot's main sources of humor -- the sheer difference between their outlooks.
Kiddo is cooking pancakes with a single frying pan over a fire in an improvised shelter. There's the sound of sizzling at Kiddo cooks and crunching just a bit away, and Parent has lines of dialog that makes it sound like a zombie's being beaten to death offscreen.
"When can we have breakfast?"
* Various skull noises *
"I'm done. Just gotta wipe this off and I'll be right there. Did you put some of those blueberries from yesterday in the pancakes?"
It cracks me up and I don't even know why

Concept: In a medieval fantasy world, an isolated community offers a human sacrifice to a nearby dragon yearly, in exchange for the dragon using its powers to help the community.
The Dragon, instead of eating the sacrifices, is secretly using them to build a cult/army that recognizes them as a god.

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Types of apocalypse I wish I saw more of in fiction:
"Water" apocalypse, whether by global warming or otherwise.
"Plague" apocalypse, but not the zombie kind. I mean, more like, watching a plague go from patient to patient through years as people who don't have apocalypse stupidity (TM) act like real human beings in their attempt to stop it and fail regardlesss. Imagine Plague. Inc except you're one of the billions of ordinary people about to be slaughtered.
"Fire" apocalypse. Basically California but large scale.
"Scarcity" apocalypse.
When I was little, I read a dystopian novel about a our society, in the future, that hadn't adapted to the loss of gasoline and had been rapidly stripped of all its gasoline-dependent technology.
It was called Empty, and I don't think it was anything special, but it stuck with me.
Which unconventional apocalypse do you find most interesting?
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Other (Please explain)

So there I have an idea that I don't have the expertise or motivation to do anything with so I'll leave it up for adoption here.
So, you know how fandoms have that tendency to ship everything? Like there are no meaningful platonic relationships in the world?
And official media makes every male - female relationship romantic and/or sexual?
I want a relationship simulator that deconstructs the hecc out of that.
It's basically a dating sim except you can only have platonic relationships with people.
Both of the complexes I've previously mentioned- that no opposite-sex friendships exist, and the newer one that I see with more "woke" fandoms where everyone is secretly gay or bisexual regardless of evidence in the source material for it- which seems like a version of the male-female complex evolved for modern times to me.
(Note: This isn't about shipping with characters that have buildup, canonical interactions that hint towards a relationship, etc. It's about "muY YAOIS/YURIS!!!! 1" people)
I just want a really chill dating sim where you can't actually date anyone because our society is fixated on romance to the point of excluding everything else.
Also, I've made up the working title of "Friendzoned" or something else like it just to rub that point in even more.
~~~But also~~~
Couldn't that concept add in some extra kinda-obscure game mechanics? Or general nice deviations from genre staples?
(I don't know too much about visual novels so give me some forgiveness if I get this wrong.)
The gender you select at the start won't lock you out of routes because orientation isn't an issue.
Stupid pulp romance scenarios can no longer occur:
"I met you yesterday and we're soulmates!"
"I'm cruel and controlling but the Creator fetishizes my horrible behavior so it's fine!"
"I'm going to cure all you deep-seated traumas with cuddles because that's better than therapy!"
And, in general, I think it would help such a game have a soothing tone, which I'd like.
I have no knowledge of how to make visual novels or even an idea of anything about Friendzoned besides it's concept, and I know I won't further develop it.

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Mine is being creative.


hi are you guys alive

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Just one question.

If someone stabbed your eye out BY ACCIDENT would you forgive them?
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