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welp, as much as it horrifies my parents that i should learn a "made up" language (although technically all languages are made up >_>) i still want to learn elvish because why not? thus why i joined this community

question though: as i begin this journey, i wonder... which is more structural/closer to completion/easier to learn?
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This is a bit of a speculative post. Amazon recently announced a deal with the Tolkien estate for a Middle Earth TV series. Who knows how long it will be in production, but this may mean that in 2 or 3 years we may have an popular media presentation of the Elvish languages and a spike in interest in Quenya and Sindarin along the lines of what happened with a Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies.

Assuming that all happens, what kinds of preparations could we make in the next couple of years to make Elvish more accessible to new potential fans? Dictionaries, grammars, video lessons, social media forums? What kind of things did you most miss when you started studying these languages?

Does anyone have a clue whether there's any possibility of obtaining the many out-of-print Parmar Eldalamberon? Or are there any digital copies around?

Do we know (or do you have a theory on) why A-affection doesn't seem to have caused "i>e" in ista- and linna-, etc.?

Someone asked me how you would say of the Earth and the Moon in Quenya, and I demurred. They are not a natural pair, but a pair in the given context, so yo came to mind, but how would you position the genitive suffix -o?

Ambar yo Isilo came to mind, to avoid confusing of with 's? What are your thoughts?

Aiya, nildor!
Once I was quite enthusiastic about [Neo-]Quenya. Then I experienced a kind of frustration, having read PE22 and totally lost in its new materials. For more than a year I kept silence.
Now I feel like I have recovered from this frustration, but I still need explanation from a more diligent explorer than I am, as concers the things that we should incorporate into our renewed Neo-Quenya reconstructions. Who can guide me?

I have updated Parf Edhellen ( The new version improves on existing functionality, and adds an entirely new section Discuss. This section aggregates comments from our website, and presents them in a common view. You can also initiate discussions with others, much like a forum.

More relevant to this group however is the improved contribution features, including a much more stable experience when adding phrases.

As always, I would love your feedback -- and your contributions!

/ Leonard "Aldaleon"

I'm looking for help translating a phrase into Elvish. It can be any version of Elvish you like.

Here's the story; me and by girlfriend are nearing our marriage and starting a family. We want to have a family motto. In fact we sort of have it, we just don't have a phrase that sums it up. Since LotR has had a huge part of our lives together we feel its only right that the phrase be in Elvish.

So the idea is we are ambitious and driven people who work really hard. We are entrepreneurs who have a successful business together because we "run" through life. Running is how we refer to spending all day everyday working towards our future.

The phrase can be anything that instills that meaning. Something we can say to each other that re-affirms our life goals. Similar to saying "I Love You" to each other or saying "Go get 'em". Some examples may be:
- i run with you
- run with heart
- run for life

The phrase in Elvish needs to be something that rolls off the tongue. Something that sounds really cool. So the literal translation isn't that important.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I can't wait to see what you come up with.

I am kinda shocked. Doriath has iâth (fence) in it.
So should we pronounce it dor-yath, not like the' 'ia' in Melian
like we separate 'rh' in gaur-hoth, right?

Do we have any examples of what primitive *–ab–tâ, *–ab–tê, *–ab–tô would become in Sindarin? I myself am still looking.

Or would a suffix variant with a /d/ (á la *glibdâ) typically be used after /b/ instead?
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