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Prophecy is fulfilled: the woman of Rev 12 is the new thing on the earth Jer 31:22. Prove All things.
Moses, Elijah and Jesus were witnessed together to prove God’s end time preacher Matt 17:3 who is preparing a people in the true testimony of Jesus Christ Rev 12:17, Luke 8:11.
God raised her up Rev 3:14-22, Isa 66:7-8, Num 12:3, Acts 3:21-23 to deliver Rev 12:5-6, Rev 12:17 the true word John 1:1, Luke 8:11 from the wilderness for 1260 days boldly as Elijah Mal 4:5-6 turning the hearts of the fathers to all the children of God Luke 1:17 as a witness Matt 24:14..
Our true Father God will NOT put any child of his into a hell fire as a second death or as an eternal torture no matter what their sins, whether they repent or not in this life. That thought has never entered the heart or mind of God to ever do such a thing Jer 7:31, Jer 19:5, Heb 13:8.
God’s eternal power will SAVE EVERY CHILD Matt 12:31, Luke 1:37, Matt 18:14 1 John 2:25, 1 John 2:2 John 12:32, Romans 14:11, 1 John 1:9 that HE created to hate him Rom 8:7, Heb 12:8 to learn the knowledge of good and evil Gen 3:22, Ps 82:6, Isa 45:7.
What each child does with that knowledge will determine their eternal placement Ezek 37:26 in our Heavenly Father’s coming new world Rev 21.
Much is required to whom much will be given Luke 12:48. Be a workman of the King James Bible 2 Tim 2:15 now preached God's way Isa 28:9-10.
A righteous judge will hear all evidence Acts 3:22-23 before making any judgment. You will find Christ's true testimony Rev 12:17 here
This is your witness..
“And it shall come to pass, that every soul, which will not hear that prophet, shall be destroyed from among the people” (Acts 3:23).

Glory to God! Not my will - his is done!
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