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How to move your photos, contacts, and more from Android to iPhone:

Switching from Android to iPhone used to be difficult, but with the new Move to iOS app it's as easy as tapping a few buttons.

Moving your photos and contacts and calendars and accounts from your old Android phone to your new iPhone is easier than ever with the Move to iOS app. The app, made 

for Android (Apple's first Android app, actually), hooks the two phones up with a direct Wi-Fi network and transfers over all your data. Depending on how much is on 

your phone, it could take a while to transfer everything, but the wireless device-to-device connection makes for a relatively speedy transfer process.

Find all contacts photoes

I hope the beta fixes crashing of the app after each change of a contact..

A new version will be uploaded this weekend. 
Some  bug fixes to make it more stable and a one little feature.
You can paste a  link in the search window and select a picture immidiately.
Unfortunately no progress on the languages and Facebook integration.

If you have feature request for the contact photo finder you can post them here and we will try to implement them.

Last beta of contact photo finder before release.
- fixes on stability
- undo in edit photo
- lots of small fixes

Download it now!

New things in the beta release are  the Indonesian and French language.

Next items to do are 
- New cropper functionality (to fix crashes on some phones)
- Spanisch and Russian language
- facebook integration

Wow, I am honoured to be the first member of the community!
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