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note the Island doesn't exactly look like this
and I don't have a examples for the Oc bio part. But here are some basics: Say their name,Interest, Faction, A mini sum up of their back story, personality, likes, Dislikes. With a picture of how they look

The Island Is a nice calming place. With diffrent factions.
The Mountains : This area is for the Ocs who Need a high Mountains to live in. Ocs examples could be like a Mountain goat or Lion, Or a mountain climber. The Hotel is built inside the tallest mountain.
The waters surrounding the island: this Part is filled with deep sea creatures which are large. It also has the Pirate/Sailor Ocs who live on a boat Hotel.
The Mini Ocean: the mini Ocean is actually just a giant Lake in the middle of the island, This faction includes smaller deep sea creatures. Which Include Mermaids/mermans, Sirens, Fish, ect. Swimmers and divers may also come here sometimes for a vist. The Ocs in this faction sleep in a underwater hotel.
forest/woods here you got Forest type creatures. For example Squirrels,Birds, wolves,Deer, ect. The Hotel is inside the biggest tree in the middle of the forest.
Dark Forest: This is a part of the forest but always stays at night. Sunlight never reaches this part, though there are lamps which keep it light. The creatures here are Usally from Mythical creatures such as Phoenix type Ocs. The hotel is also inside the biggest tree.
Plains the plains are for Ponies,sheeps, some cats,bunnies,ect. Their hotel is inside a castle like area.
The City This place is for Humans. Or Personifications (Hetalia Ocs). Cats/Dogs Can be found here as well. Their Hotel is located in the middle of the area. Around it are things you'll normally find in a city in real life.
The upper layer of the undergound
Monsters of all sorts can be found here. The hotel is actually pretty fancy looking.
the lower layer of the Undergound
Here you'll find a prehistoric area filled with Dinosaur ocs. Or creatures based on animals who went extinct. Their Hotel is wrapped with Vines and is made from Cystals.
Clouds the clouds are for Winged Ocs or Ocs from space. Angels are also found here. Their hotel looks like Old Temple but is neatly cleaned.
The Lab: This is near the City, it's a giant lab where all the Lab creatures would live in.
The Lab was turned into a hotel to fit the needs of the Ocs here. Note your Oc who was made in a lab can live somewhere eles in a other faction.
Vehicle station: This Place is for Trains to gather and move around! It functions as an normal station would but has extra features to make any vehicle type Ocs feel welcomed.
other locations may be added.
Fandoms: Fandom can be found in mini factions with in the other factions. For example Hetalia will be found in the city along with Gems. While Creepypasta will be found in the dark forest. Undertale Ocs can be found in the undergound or in the city, but for a vist. Mlp will be in the Plains. Warrior Cats can be found in the Forest or City.
Humanoid animals can be found where ever the animal they look like can be found,Or in the City.
if you have a Oc that doesn't fit any of these factions please contact me or the moderators.
Owner: Me +Delia/ Im Yong Soo
+Skittles R.
+ShipTale Sans/Shipper

Magic word part 2: 'Chikyuu' 

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Someone should start a Rp. I would but I'm not good at starting them XD

dead af

Wondering why so silent now :/

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Anyways, here's an improved profile.

Personality:A shy, timid and kind engine on the outside, but once you know him more, he's a comedic, outgoing and protective engine, who's sick and twisted imagination brings a strange medium of comedy.
Likes:Billy mostly likes art, talking to his friends and looking at buildings collapse.
Dislikes:Billy dislikes waking up, danger, darkness and being insulted.
Faction:Vehicle Station

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god i forgot about this place

Let's just say, in the months I've been gone, my art skills have improved.
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I just realized I barely type properly.

Well fuck.

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what?what is this strange land?"
3000 yrs old (mental age is 30)
Sex: female
Spieces: fox/arch angel
Personality: motherly,kind,sweet,
Title: Heiress of life
Eyes: pale green
Fur: pale yellow orange
Cup size: bruh does it matter

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Hey there I'm new here. My Best bud +Hilmi Aiman /Shiro. Recommended this community to me. Let's get started on my OC shall we!
Anyways I've read the rules and stuff. Soo.. Marukaite Chikyuu. I think thats right :P

Name: Karon J. Roo (J for Jackal)

Allias/Nick: Jackal. Wild feet. Bunny. Karon. Zen. Chi.

Age: 21 (Following Human years)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Species: Kangaroo

Fandom: Furries

Character Traits: Black spots on the outer surface of the ears. Narrow face marking with the colour of Slate. Blue hairdye. Blonde Natural hair. Silver/Ice optics. Two Blue stripes on the muzzle/snout. Cream bast colour. Cyan paw pads(including the tongue or/inside mouth). Black paws. Cyan Snake tongue. A feather with the colour of torqoise near my ear. Light Blonde underfur. Silver.. Lion..? Tail..? And carnivores teeth, like a Jackal.

Diet: Both Carnivore and Herbivore. Or in which case Omnivore.

Accessories: A Chi Tatoo. Bandages on my wrists. And a Bamboo staff.

Likes: Deserts!! Sleep!! Jumping!! Playing with Shirō ( +Hilmi Aiman ) Barking at dogs :D Chasing rats. Communicating with snakes :D Ehm..wut? Having a slick hairdo :D And morphing into my animal form :D Stealing people's food :D Aannnddd Meditating..

Dislikes: Being chased by hunters. Getting pecked by rats. People firing gun shots at me D:

Occupation(s): KickBoxer. Friend. Sibling.

Mate/Crush: Nah..

Faction: Stays in the City. Oftens rests in the Plains.

Hobbies: Drawing. Music/Singing Music. Excercising(Rarely)

Bio: Karon just so happens to venture into China to learn there for 4 years. And as she got back home she had news that her family moved to Singapore. While Karon is stuck in.. Wherever Shirō lives. Apparently. She, a ghoul. While I, a Kangaroo. Not likely friends though. And now. Shirō invited Karon into this place called Home.


(Open RP)
I walked into the dark forest. I need to be very alert,just in case someone wanted to come and attack me. The forest,sounded quiet. I took my phone,and switch on the flashlight. I walked slowly,and steadily. I tried to calm myself down,too. Hope i am able to find the way out.....
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