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Having just arrived here, I am somewhat confused, which will come as no surprise to those who are here that know me. I am generally confused.
I will say, for the benefit of shameless self-promotion, that Big Table Publishing
has been kind enough to publish what is essentially my thesis. I have had some acceptance in small journals, but mostly they seem to find my work "not quite right for us." So there...I have posted.

Look forward to keeping in touch in all ways digital. Indeed, social media puts the "res" in "low-res."
thanks to all known and unknown.

Check your Facebook, and check your email! Look out for an invitation to apply for the June 2017 Alumni Seminar opportunity!

Greetings, inkslingers. What's going on with everyone? It's dusty in here, and there's an echo.

Since my Fifth Cohort hooding January 2016 I've had 24 stories published. I will be attending the New York Writer's Resources Pitch Session in NYC April 8-9. I will be pitching what once had been my thesis, but my novel has completely evolved over the past year with a new title and a different theme and tone. There are no WORD tags that can change a 3rd person narrative in past tense to 1st person narrative in the present tense. Though it's been a grueling process it's gone well, and I'll be pitching it in two days of intensive, two-minutes per editor, one-on-one interviews. The participating publishers for this session are small independent publishers. I've always done well with big NYC publishers followed by invitations to submit a synopsis and 50 pages of a novel, but their response time is often more than a year. I'm pitching two submission, each 80,000 words, a novel and a 20-story collection. Wish me luck.

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My novel excerpt from THE LOST BOOK OF ANNABELLA
published today in The Modern & the Ancient issue:

Hi Everybody!

Applyingto to VONA workshop. If you are a writer of color, APPLY! Junot Diaz is leading a workshop! Deadline is March 1st I believe.

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Hi, friends. Thanks for the invitation. Who's writing? What are you working on?

Most recent publication is a small fiction: ‪ .
And I’m very pleased to have my poem “Pieces—after Ferguson” in the upcoming Pilgrimage Magazine’s "Injustice & Protest" issue. I think it is out this week too. Btw, I Tweet @CatPoetic if you want to connect there.
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